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Why I Teach Yoga

So recently I have been contemplating my journey in teaching yoga... A few years ago I took a break, I needed to step back from old spiritual paradigms to give space for a new learning that was unfolding. During this time the thought of teaching yoga felt like putting on an old dress that had shrunk, something just didn't fit. And I felt much more strongly called to share in other ways. It is during this time that #awakeningaswoman was born. 2 years later I arrived on Møn and the opportunities to teach yoga slowly began to come my way. For a time I was reluctant, insecure, maybe even resistant to start teaching yoga again. My body had changed, my outlook too and most significantly my inner landscape had shifted a great deal. So much had fallen away in this time and yet I could see it was somehow good for me to venture into 'old' terrain. The funny thing is, I was not going back at all. A new expression, and lived experience was coming through and to be back on the mat offered a pathway to integrate and share this new expression, as well as support me to ground on new land. The simplicity, depth and surrender offered through the practice felt like medicine for me, and luckily for those I was blessed to share with too. Now, when I take a step back it's so humbling and beautiful to observe fellow yoga teachers, piers and students who've all embarked on their own unique teaching journey. I have come from a very traditional form of yoga and meditation training and have a great deal of respect and love for the traditions and old wisdom. Yet I can see that this tradition has provided so many of us a platform to find our unique expression, passion and truth. So many teachers have been exploring various forms of embodied practices, healing modalities, and teachings over recent years, which inevitably end up being weaved into their offerings. How can they not?! It is crucial that we share the teachings and practices that have touched us the most. Not only for the benefit of others but so that we may integrate and assimilate the wisdom we are so blessed to receive and remember. So today I am honouring the ancient wisdom of the yogis, not only as a profound path of homecoming and awakening in itself but as the stepping stone for all of us to explore ourselves deeper and wider. A platform for so many to find their own unique expression of truth, for that to be shared and touch the souls of other beings. For the benefit of all. And for all the devoted students out there, find a teacher that sings to your heart and then stick to them for as long as it feels good. Trust that this being has the exact transmission that is needed to awaken your spirit in this moment. Cherish that. I was 18 when I first felt curious enough to step on to the mat, 20 years later I'm still a student, forever learning through living and breathing this beautiful practice. Thank you to all my teachers along the way (especially the rebellious ones!) Such a privilege to bathe in your wisdom and be inspired by how you walk your way. Where has your yoga journey taken you? What do you love about the practice? Or what new teachings did yoga open doors to for you? .

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