Meditation, Relaxtion & Nidra Recordings

An invitation to explore your inner landscape


Complimentary meditation, relaxation and nidra recordings guided for you to enjoy and share. Please feel free to let me know what you think and what you'd like more of in the comments below...


Return to Ground: 

Earth-Body Meditation

Return to Ground, Earth Day Meditation - Naseem Khakoo

A meditation recorded on Earth Day to re-root in connection with your ground. A gentle guided journey to support Earthing back into embodied presence. This is a helpful practice for those moments when stability, grounding and restful ease in the body are needed. 

Enjoy as Naseem guides you back home to your Earth-Body. This meditation is best practiced seated, but in moments when more rest is needed - welcome to lie down. 

Loving Embrace: 

A Meditation on Acceptance 

loving embrace meditation.jpg
Loving Embrace - A Meditation on Acceptance - Naseem Khakoo

A soothing meditation journey, guiding you towards accepting yourself exactly as you are. This is a supportive practice for those moments when thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body can be challenging to be present and kind with.

Naseem tenderly guides you back home to your innate softness and compassion.

Enjoy this comforting practice and allow your whole being to be bathed in loving presence. 


Soft Warrior Meditation

 Soft Warrior Meditation
Soft Warrior Meditation - Naseem Khakoo

A guided meditation for those moments when we feel pulled in many directions and its simply hard to prioritise self-love for ourselves. Allow yourself to be guided gently yet deeply into communion with yourself. Welcoming the penetrative softness of consciousness into your body space, and the deepening strength of love for yourself. A tender meeting of inner masculine and feminine.

Enjoy this sweet practice as your body and being feel prioritised, worthy, and loved no matter what. 

Return to Your Core

Return to Your Core Meditation - Naseem Khakoo

For those moments when we feel knocked by uncertainty, scattered, thoughts have taken over intuition and support is needed in reconnecting to our sense of truth and stability. This meditation gathers us back to our centre point to rest in peaceful stillness. A stabilising, calming meditation to support us back into ease within ourselves and with our surroundings.   


Deep Rest & Guided Relaxation

Deep Rest & Guided Relaxation - Naseem Khakoo

A gentle guided full body relaxation with the support of music to soothe your soul and relax your entire being. Grab some cushions and a blanket, get cosy and let this track guide you into a deep rest.

Soft Like Honey Relaxation

soft like honey 3.jpg
Soft Like Honey Relaxation - Naseem Khakoo

A longer guided full-body relaxation with the intention to encourage a softening into sweet communion within the body space. This tender relaxation invites you to fully enjoy the sweetness of your heart as it pours like nectar into the bones and flesh. Grab some cushions and a blanket, get cosy and let this track guide you into a deep rest.


Pregnancy Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra For Pregnancy - Naseem Khakoo

This nidra guides mama and baby together through a deeply embodied relaxation. Allowing mama the time and freedom to connect to the miracle growing inside of her, awaken her lion heart and deeply surrender into the power and creational force of her womb and yoni. It's a great practice to work with regularly leading up to birth, helping to bring more consciousness to the deep bond manifesting into form and invite baby to work with mama during the birthing process.

Let the Light Enter Yoga Nidra

Let the Light In 4.jpg
Let the Light Enter Yoga Nidra - Naseem Khakoo

This Nidra was recorded over the Spring Beltane Juncture as a gentle support to invite the Seasonal light to enter into the body space, mind and being. A guided full-body relaxation inviting all the beauty of the height of Spring as an embodied reality; abundance, vibrancy, fertility, blossoming, bounty and freshness. As the light enters into the body space, feel how it illuminates, ignites and awakens.  

For Women

Uniting Heart & Womb

Birthing Beauty Meditation

Uniting Heart & Womb, Birthing Beauty Meditation - Naseem Khakoo

Welcoming the sweet nectar of feminine beauty to permeate the heart and womb. This meditation deeply invites a resting into the womb as the birthing space of individual creative potential. As seeds of longing are planted in this fertile space of infinite possibility, we allow the blossoming of the heart as Nature's creative nectar pours into our living life. Welcome to reconnect to the power of Woman to birth and create through the manifestation of beauty as an ongoing offering of love. 

As He Meets Her


As He Meets Her Meditation - Naseem Khakoo

A guided enquiry to explore our own inner state of balance between Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine. As He as consciousness is invited into the body space, and She as matter/body begins to open, we allow a gentle discovery of how these two polarities are working together in this moment towards union within our being. This meditation will softly highlight where there may be conflict around allowing presence in, where we may be unconsciously abandoning or rejecting our self-care, where fear, dislike, or numbness may be arising as we are guided towards resting in our ground. We may also discover where peace, harmony, joy and greater unity are now growing more strongly as we consciously taste the meeting of these two aspects of our being. All is welcome, as we shine a light on that which may or may not have been seen before. Go in with curiosity and a willingness to explore and meet yourself in greater depth and compassion.