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Sensual Summer Pleasure Package (Recorded Journeys)
Passionately Awakening to Pleasure

Summer Solstice is a time to honour the full flourishing of life, the vibrant and abundant nature of the Earth and the manifestation and ripening of our individual potential. Life and manifestation are at their peak, and the seeds planted and harvested within us over the past year are showing their fruits. It is a time of celebration, honouring wholeness, passion, sensuality, pleasure, unity of spirit and matter, and the light of consciousness as we reflect upon its awakening potential.


My intention with this creation was to open up and create pathways of pleasure and joy to ground deeper into our bodies and lives and allow this to ripple out to as many people as possible - because my goodness, pleasure needs to become a stable baseline in these wild times! So if you feel to share this gift with others that would benefit please feel free to.

What to Expect

With the world (and many of us) being thrown through the currents of constant challenge, upheaval and transformation; our bodies, hearts and spirit are craving nature and the outdoors. So this year's Summer offering includes pre-recorded material that we can enjoy in our own time out in nature and over the course of the summer months.

This offering is designed as a container to support a joyful transition across this year's Solstice threshold, as well as a space to lean in to throughout the summer season (and our individual summer as part of our monthly cycle ). The support, practices, and guidance offered here will take us sweetly through to Autumn Equinox as we honour the bumps and kinks in the road as well as the bountiful opportunities and next steps that lie ahead. ​

The Pleasure Package includes:

  • Seasonal Energy Review - a video sharing on the current seasonal transmission

  • Sensual Touch, Body Bliss Meditation Journey - a delicious hour-long journey exploring touch through the body's full landscape and its many portals, awakening a deep embodied state of cellular listening and sensual communion with the unseen sacred mysteries held within our cellular memory.

  • Essential Oil Anointing Journey for Solstice & Summer - anointing using oils (if you choose to) and acupressure body portals to specifically support our journey through this season

  • Solstice & Summer Journal Prompts - to encourage and direct our contemplation at this powerful point of the year post-eclipse season.

  • 12 Summer & Solstice Ritual Suggestions

  • Movement-Prayer Playlist - to awaken the body to pleasure, joy and natural sensuality. For you to enjoy at home, in the car or barefoot out in the wild!

Exchange & Booking


​To register click on the event link to the right of this page.​ Once you have registered your place; details on how to pay the exchange will be emailed to you along with log-in details to the Pleasure Package (I'd love it if you could select the manual payment option upon booking so I can avoid paying PayPal fees during this time - thank you!)​


Click here to register and receive your Pleasure Package​​​

* Bookings are non-refundable. 

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