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Oil Blends

Healing with Plant Medicine

For centuries Essential Oils have been used to enhance the well-being of one's physiological, psychological, spiritual and emotional health. As more and more people turn towards a natural and holistic approach to health care, these plant-based medicines offer one of the safest (and side-effect free) ways to heal and transform our lives and well being. 

After some time of joyfully exploring, studying, creating and merging intimately with essential oils, I am honoured to share the beauty of these deeply healing, informative, fragrant and medicinal oils with you through the creation of special blends and sprays. It has become so apparent to me why essential oils were a significant part of the ancient priestess traditions. The mistresses of the oils known as Myrrhophores would call on the support of the oils in their healing work, but also in ritual, ceremony, prayer, spiritual awakening and soul-alignment. The age-old earth wisdom and temple traditions held in these bottles is so tangible and present with us now.

Hand made with love and intention

Below are blends lovingly crafted and consecrated to assist your way deeper, coming in the form of both oil blends or room sprays. 

Each one is made to order specifically with the person and their healing intention in mind and heart. The intention is consciously infused into the mix, offering each their own unique personalised perfume scent. 

Each blend is made from high-quality therapeutic grade essentials oils, blended with a long-lasting carrier oil/purified water, infused with a Tibetan Quartz Crystal and safely kept in a 10ml amber rollerball or 50ml spray bottle (amber protects the aromatic and therapeutic properties of the oils, and avoids deterioration).

Welcome to contact Naseem to place your order, or to request a bespoke blend or spray to suit your specific needs and current journey.


280 DKK / £34 + postage (33 DKK / £4)

Refill: 180 DKK / £22

She Blend

A joyful Women's blend, supporting the arrival into the womb and the integration of sacred feminine teachings that naturally awaken in the journey back home to our essence. Offering access to the wisdom of the ancients and the ancestors, as well as assistance in uniting the heart and womb centres. This blend is a great support during menstruation and as an aid in the healing and purification of sexuality, sexual trauma, & past wounds.

Scent: Heavenly, sensual, sultry, earthy yet luminous and sweet

Men's Blend

A meditative, calming and deeply grounding blend that gently invites connection, clarity and an open awareness towards the simplicity of life. This blend reminds of the balance and stability that comes through uniting strength with softness, and honest clear seeing with an open heart. A fusion of aromas and plants that ignite a taste of deep sacredness alongside simplicity.  

Scent: Heavenly, sacred, woody, strong, gently sweet

Sacred Body Blend

A blend to support the journey of descent into the Body, Earth, Life. Assisting in developing a sense of groundedness, connection, commitment, balance and awakening of the sensory system. Rooting us in present moment awareness and cultivating self-awareness. This blend can also support relaxation through layers of shame, unworthiness and fear.

Scent: Earthy, dewy, woody, gentle, with a hint of fresh sweetness 

Fierce Grace

A blend to assist us through strong and challenging passageways of dissolution where grief, despair, loneliness, rage, betrayal, trauma and hopelessness become companions in the dark, as shadows from the past are unveiled. A nurturing, protecting and humbling blend to assist us in relaxing with all that may feel uncomfortable and overwhelming; encouraging a deeper seeing into the unconscious realms of ancestral healing.

Scent: Deep, graceful, divinely sweet, floral.


A soothing, gentle and relaxing blend for those moments when a little kindness and tenderness is called for. The oils are carefully combined to support a delicate and fragile nervous system back into balance, ease and relaxation. A calming and comforting blend for body and mind during periods of stress, anxiousness and overwhelm.  This blend can also support individuals in achieving a more regular restful sleep pattern, as well as individuals suffering from trauma symptoms.

Scent: Piney, gentle, earthy, mildly floral, soothing.


A blend to motivate us into inspired action. For those periods of change and transformation where it can be hard to get going, and stagnation, resistance, and lethargy can sabotage the natural movement of life force. This blend acts as a catalyst to reactivate a zest for life, confidently energising and motivating individuals into a greater sense of purposefulness, courage and gratitude. 

Scent: Fresh, zesty, herby, dewy, aromatic.


A powerful blend to assist the unification of inner masculine and feminine towards the meeting in sacred marriage and harmony. A deep soulful blend, combining ancient temple oils to support and allow the seeing of inner conflict and imbalance to be met with love, presence, acceptance and kindness in a way that gives permission for a gentle transition towards greater harmony, peace and ease within. As well as supporting the manifestation of greater harmony in our living lives.

Scent: Deep, graceful, sacred, subtle sweet wood

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