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1:1 Mentoring

Be met exactly where you are

1:1 sessions are held via Zoom or in-person and are the perfect container for diving into very personal and specific aspects of awakening and healing.

Many people find them incredibly transformational alone or as a supportive addition to deepen and explore what has arisen during group sessions. 


Each soul is born with a specific blueprint and their individual journey home is beautifully unique. Distinctly made up of specific ancestral coding, childhood experiences, traumas and overall life experiences that create specific levels of identification, relational dynamics, behavioural patterns and wounding. Yet the Oneness of Being shows that we all meet many of the same junctures and turning points along the way. The invitation with these meetings is simply for you to find the pathways to living more truly through an honest investigating of yourself. Our shame and pain unmet create such deep suffering that profoundly impact our lives, relationships, health and the world around us.


As Human Beings in progress, we all reach points where we get stuck on our journey, where we cannot see or feel clearly, where resistance and identification inhibits our capacity to embrace change and let what we hold dear, go. As we recognise the perfection of our unfolding, we step into a rapid and insightful flow towards deep and transformational healing. A new possibility unfolds; to meet our pain with love and compassion, to make the shift from ignorance, avoidance and disregard into a full seeing and embracing of those parts of our self that have not been touched by the graceful hand of love. From this more grounded place of aliveness, we can begin to illuminate and reorganise the core beliefs that are densely looping within the emotional and somatic material. Engaging with the path of neural integration, we bring together the various layers of our experience, explore their interrelations, and plant the seeds for future freedom.

My Offering

This offering is born from my own depth of exploration and commitment to leave no stone unturned. It is with great pleasure that I share the fruits and wisdom of this journey in a safely held space where we can allow Love to dance her magic.

Depending on what’s needed in the moment, I offer my full presence, deep listening, care, support, guidance and ultimately hold a safe space for us to dive deep into contracted, stuck and resistant areas, where more awareness and surrender is being called for. You will be met exactly where you are, as you are, without judgement, embraced with compassion and understanding. Here I hope to serve as a witness and a mirror to reflect back clarity, insight and a willingness to step forward in letting go of what no longer serves. This happens through steering and guiding towards a deeper meeting with yourself, through the layers of resistance and identification, supporting you in reclaiming abandoned, undiscovered and unloved ground that has not yet known safe passage. Thus activating an intimately personal process of inner and outer transformation and awakening. Together we will work towards relaxing into honesty and vulnerability, growing your capacity to meet what is deeply alive moment to moment, expanding your ability to hold yourself in love and compassion as well as the curiosity and willingness to continually investigate your own individual healing process. 

The sense of feeling safe, understood and accepted in these meetings comes simply from the depth of my own work, having explored many dark corners of my being and continuing to do so, being willing to let go and let God, over and over again, and the endless journey to recognise mySelf as Love. I find the Keys of Consciousness are so potently shared when two souls meet in a full YES to honesty and willingness to stand naked in that honesty. Each session allows for a unique and alchemical flow between us both. I invite you to join me on this exploration with total honesty and a willingness to invite change, transformation and love.

Meeting Space

Mentoring packages include a variety of offerings, based on an intuitive understanding of each individuals needs, provided during the session, as well as tools for ongoing support and deepening in between sessions. From questions to explore through journaling,  guidance and initiation into suitable practices, exercises and rituals, as well as email support. 


Each meeting will create a safe container for exploring any of the following:

  • Embodiment (Diving into sacred feminine wisdom, journeying as Love & Consciousness down into the body space, including the heart, womb and hara. Inviting the transpersonal and personal realms to merge and transform as Love on Ground.)

  • Womb Initiation/Healing journey. Awakening the power of the creational force through arriving as presence into the womb space. Journeying through the 7 Gates of the womb/yoni and awakening to the shadow and empowerment of each gate.

  • Balancing and healing the split in feminine consciousness; White River & Red River, through liberating the shadow states and harnessing the empowerments

  • Healing past trauma/ancestral wounding held within the womb space.

  • Working through pain from the past which may manifest as physical symptoms such as PCOS, endometriosis, miscarriage etc

  • Couple Counselling, intimate relating, partnership

  • Conscious relating with family/friends, meeting our wounds and challenges in relationship, journeying towards wholeness, healing the mother/father wound, bringing full consciousness into the way we interact with the world around us

  • Healing through relational dynamics, including narcissist-victim-savior dynamics

  • Exploring the wisdom and empowerment of singledom

  • Conscious sexuality, sacred intimacy and awakened sex

  • Healing and awakening the sexual organs

  • Transgenerational Healing: Shadow/trauma/ancestral work, exploring delicate, exiled and unhealed areas of our being

  • Inner Marriage - meeting our deepest longing, journeying towards uniting inner masculine and feminine in conscious union

  • The longing of your heart and the wisdom of the body

  • Conscious pregnancy, healing and awakening during this precious time of maturation whilst receiving the initiation towards motherhood

  • Bespoke ceremonies, offering a sacred space for specific rituals and guidance to meet your needs and requirements or mark a specific point/threshold/rite of passage on your personal journey.

For a deeper understanding of the work and practices offered and potential of 1:1 exploration please read Awakening As Woman and Conscious Relating.


1:1 Mentoring
  • Do you feel the need for deep support/space holding or calling towards powerful life altering mentorship?

  • Are you unsure of what you will gain from mentoring sessions, how the experience would feel or what form it would take?

  • Do you maybe you feel called to work with me but are unsure of whether there will be a connection and resonance for our work together to unfold? 

You are welcome to get in touch to book a free 30 minute exploration session, where we can meet informally, explore where you are in your life right now, and get a sense for if this work will be of benefit to you right now or not.

Free 30 Minute Exploration


You are welcome to book a journey with Naseem at a time that suits, with the following exchange options. Monthly payment plans always welcome, so feel free to get in touch to discuss best options.

                                        Individual Sessions:

Diving In Offer:                          
Three 60 min sessions
(Available once only)

Excavating Deeper:                 
Three 60 min sessions

Journey Home:                         
Five 60 min sessions

Transformation Cycle:              

Ten 60 min sessions

Includes discounted access to monthly Women's Circle

Additional One off session:     

60 min

Monthly Care Package:           

Two sessions + sign up to monthly Her Space Circle

(Women only)

Couple Sessions:






All packages include email support in between sessions, recordings of guided meditations, practice suggestions and additional unique support to suit the individual as and when needed.

Welcome to get in touch to discuss payment plans.












Bespoke Ceremonies

You are welcome to get in touch regarding the possibility of creating a personalised ceremony specific to your current needs and requirements, or to mark a significant juncture in your journey, e.g. rebirthing, pregnancy, birth, divorce, break-up, new relationship, etc. Naseem would be honoured to discuss your needs, where your at and together with you, create the perfect ceremony to honour your hearts deepest intentions. This ceremony can take place both online or in person. 

To discuss private meeting/ceremony possibilities, payment plans or set a time and date for a session, contact Naseem.

Bookings are confirmed after full payment has been received (with the exception of payment plans agreed in advance). In the case of one-off sessions; no-shows and cancellations are non-refundable. Cancellations made 5 days or more prior to the scheduled meeting can be rescheduled. ​

Packages are valid for the following time period (from the start date):

3 Sessions valid for 2 months, 5 Sessions valid for 3 months, 10 Sessions valid for 5 months.

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“My experience of working with Naseem has been profound. She creates grounded, open hearted spaces, whether 1:1 or in a group, for deeply honest reflection and insight. The practices she guides are empowering and help create tangible shifts in energy. She guides and shares wisdom from her own deeply rooted experiences, which is truly inspiring. Naseem is not afraid to dive into the darkest corners of the soul, to help uncover the hidden gems, that allow us to live lives of freedom and truth. Working with Naseem is a voyage into this depth to discover the treasures that are buried within.” ~ Nathalie

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