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Women's Yoga

Embodying The Power of Nature through Breath, Movement & Rest

** Postponed ** See current Yoga Schedule

Tuesday's  4 - 5.30 pm

Anahata Yoga Retreat Center, Møn, Denmark

As women our nature is elemental, that of ebb and flow, waxing and waning, we move like the tide, and nature's beauty is always our guide. 

Join Naseem for a delicious weekly women's yoga class, honouring the cyclical nature of our bodies and lives through the practice of embodied elemental movement, meditation, conscious breathing and juicy rest. 

A 1.5 hour class of merging structure with flow, in a way that gives full permission to enjoy inhabiting our beautiful wise bodies. 

The Practice

The flavour of these classes will be energising combined with nourishment, strength with softness, and movement with rest, to support us in breaking out of the habitual bonds of constraint and rigidity as we learn to harness the flowing power of nature as an infinite resource.

The practice focuses on breathing our way back into an embodied state of being, through a variety of movement, meditation, and breath practices. An ongoing invitation to return back home, reconnect with the endless pool of wisdom, strength, and creativity, and as our listening and relaxation deepen so does our connection to the world and wisdom within. 

​Depending on what each individual may need, Naseem brings her extensive experience of Hatha flow yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, meditation, Yoga Nidra, pranayama, and deep relaxation together and crafts the perfect practice to soothe the mind, melt into the body and restore balance, harmony, and restfulness. 


The practice can be profoundly healing in opening up pathways for the mind, body, and soul to experience deep rest and relaxation; soothing an over-exerted nervous system, opening a tender heart and gifting the body and mind a chance to drop and turn deeply inwards.

Sign Up

Contact Naseem directly each week to sign up for class the night before, either via email or text.


Drop-In                      100 DKK

6 Week Class Pass    540 DKK

(valid for 8 weeks)      

10 Week Class Pass  800 DKK

(valid for 13 weeks)

Made payable via MobilePay to 42531982

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