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The All Inclusive Tantric Path


What does this mean?

Every single aspect of existence holds medicine. The healer, tantric, shaman knows this intrinsically. No experience is excluded from the realm of mastery and realisation. Every situation, person, sensation, ailment, element of nature, sound, vision, thought, emotion.

Tantra means to weave which naturally suggests a unification with all. Creation itself is an apothecary of medicinal flavours ready to invite in the remembrance of what we are and the birthing of beauty as truth.

This is a deeply feminine path; the nature of the feminine is all inclusion. Divine Mother welcomes all to be held in her warm compassionate embrace. Her presence naturally highlights what is in separation and our connection with her along with silence supports the bridging of gaps within our consciousness.

Lately, I've been contemplating my path and dharma. I remember years ago writing often about my devotion and journey being one of no stone left unturned. And now 3 years into my treatment of Lyme I find it to be fiercely alive. The journey with Lyme has offered so much fodder for alchemising. Wild challenges, intense suffering, endless blind spots, breakdown of relationships, deeper intimacy in relationships, insight, revelation and transformation beyond what I could ever have imagined. To stay present and awake inside each moment of it is a constant practice (and a challenge I fail at regularly!) But I'm now beginning to see the seasons of cultivation that have led to new flavours of embodiment, and the potential awakening of subtle levels of consciousness and how they are interlinked with our physiology and biology.

If this is your path too then I'm grateful to be here in support of your evolution.

I'm taking on 1, possibly 2 new clients, so if support in deepening along your way is calling, welcome to get in touch, I'd love to connect and play.

Grateful to be here quietly journeying by your side

With love

Naseem x

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