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Restorative Yoga

Rest, Nourishment & Healing

Wednesday's 5 - 6.30 pm

Dansk Fitness, Møn

Join Naseem for a delicious weekly class of deep rest and relaxation, supporting you peacefully through the rest of the week. 

Within this Restorative Yoga class you can expect to be moving slow and gently through a selection of restorative poses, designed to invite your whole being to unravel into a sweet state of deep rest. We will be working mostly on the floor with plenty of blocks, bolsters, cushions and blankets to support the body in its gentle surrender. The poses are simple, and sometimes held for 15 minutes to support the gentle drop deeper into your restful self. Naseem will often mix in yoga nidra, breath work as well as guided meditations to invite a deeper drop into relaxation. All supported by a soothing sound track of tranquil tunes. 

Take some time out for yourself, and allow space for a healing and deeply nourishing transition through to the end of your week.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a gentle and beautiful invitation into a deeper state of embodied relaxation and surrender.


The practice can be profoundly healing in opening up pathways for the mind, body and soul to experience deep rest and relaxation; soothing an over exerted nervous system, opening a tender heart and gifting the body and mind a chance to drop and turn deeply inwards.

A true divine gift for your whole being.

Come and Be just as you are.

Sign Up

Contact the gym directly to sign up for the class each week.

Spaces are limited so please be sure to book.

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