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Awakening As Woman

Embodied Awakening & Birthing Love

This work is an invitation into the deep, soft, vulnerable, powerful and joyful nature of our divine Womanly Essence. A call to like minded sisters united in Truth, to explore practices and wisdom that supports our journey towards embodied wholeness. The time is now, and our Earth is longing for the depth of feminine love to be born through our aching hearts and wounded wombs.  

Reclaiming Our Feminine Essence

Woman, in her truest form, is deeply receptive, pure enjoyment and unconditionally loving; thus she holds a key to birthing a new time where what has been long forgotten, abandoned and neglected in our selves, and the world around us, stands the chance to be reclaimed with compassion. This journey is an initiation into the cosmic womb and awakened heart, where the shadow of unconscious wounding lays before the possibility of joyful human wholeness. The merging of our true nature as emptiness, our innate capacity as love and our fragile yet powerful individual nature, gives birth to the possibility of wholeness as true Human Beings. As true Women.


Embodiment is the journey of reincarnating as Love in our very flesh and bones. A calling to embrace our direct experience moment to moment and fall back in love with our brokenness, our bodies and the Earth herself. The long awaited arrival of God as form. 

Within this journey lies a profound evolutionary process that provides direct access to the intelligent and exiled nature of our own human suffering – the unforgotten dark nature of the divine feminine. She calls to us to turn our eye deeply inwards and compassionately investigate the mysterious and forgotten realms of our unhealed humanity. Here we meet our fears, rejection, unworthiness, loneliness, hatred, rage, trauma, wrongness and all number of contractions, longing to reunite with the light of consciousness and warmth of our own love. This revolutionary process invites a strong willingness, devotion to stay with what arises, ever expanding capacity of naked vulnerability, and a quietening of the mind's strong protection mechanisms. As we develop the ability to rest with the disembodied and fractured states of being; an intelligent process of unravelling and surrender naturally occurs and we melt into Life HerSelf. 

Through facing each and every layer of separation, identification and resistance we are constantly born anew and return to our natural resting state as joy. We allow the light of love to penetrate deeply into the hidden crevices of our beings, activating a profound process of inner and outer transformation and awakening. It is from this place of fullness that we become true and mystical conduits for love and well being in our world, where the delicacy of soul can be safely reborn.

Vulnerability as Strength

In sharing our truths with one another (whether in a group process or one on one), there is an indescribable intimacy and raw honesty that grows between us. This is the transformational agent that allows for an alchemical melting into safety, deep listening, presence, togetherness and open hearted appreciation. And in fact the intimacy born from our own willingness to be stripped naked and stand vulnerable in our truth, is what allows a subtle yet profound, cellular exchange in a co-created space. Here there is a deeper intelligence at play whereby a transmutation and exchange of keys takes place between us, at a cellular level: consciousness speaking to consciousness, within these beautiful earthly bodies.


The work is deeply ceremonial, providing a safe, sacred, tender and compassionate space for each woman’s intimate unfolding. This happens through the offer of practices and sharing, supporting the unfolding of all dimensions of being and the deepest possible relaxation, so that profound healing may take place:

  • Awakening the senses

  • Relaxing into the body space

  • Opening the heart space

  • Grounding into and exploring the womb

  • Growing our capacity to be with difficult emotions

  • Cultivating and experiencing the importance of presence

  • Cultivating devotion

  • Awakening sexual energy/life force as the fire of transformation and evolutionary potential

  • Developing important self-care practices

  • Growing our ability to rest in vulnerability and intimacy, alone and with others

  • Feeling deeply held and learning to hold space for another 

  • Developing a willingness and eye for individual inner investigation through exploring boundaries, personal space, personal relationship dynamics, and archetypes/deities 


Within this ceremonial container I offer the following practices as pathways for deepening in the work:

  • Ancient and modern-day rituals

  • A variety of embodied practices from a mixture of traditions

  • Prayer

  • Conscious Movement

  • Conscious Communication/Sharing.

  • Meditation

  • Embodied Yoga Practice

  • Yoga Nidra and Deep Relaxation

  • Somatic Practice 

  • Contemplative Self-Enquiry

  • Breath Work

  • Sounding

  • Gentle Touch

  • Ceremonial Cacao Medicine

If this calls to your brave and beautiful heart, then you are invited to join fellow sisters to celebrate our journey together as Awakening Women in wild play, deep rest, spacious silence, sacred connection and curious inner investigation. You will be held safely and guided simply, to allow an unfolding into the profound and fertile power as Woman.

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Awakening As Woman
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