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About Naseem

Teacher, Facilitator, Mentor, Guide

Lover of Truth & Committed to living as Radical Love

Growing up with a unfathomable longing to understand the divine nature of my being, alongside a background in silent meditation and yoga;  I have since studied many traditions and travelled far and wide, with a primary focus on Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra, Sufism and Shamanism. I now focus on birthing Truth through the journey of Human Wholeness; a merging of the personal and transpersonal dimensions of reality, giving way for a continuous unfolding as Love in Form. 


This process has developed a subtle ingrained understating of the nature of existence and non-existence. Held within this, a capacity to witness, feel, and empty out the many layers of identification that exist within mind; has developed over time. As well as a continuous relaxation and healing into the intelligent nature of the body, and a purification and expansion of the heart as compassion. Overall, I have experienced a profound encoding of new pathways, transferring from 'doing' into 'being'. My unfolding in this has shown me that as I allow Love/Life to amplify through these three dimensions of being, welcoming consciousness to penetrate matter; I continue to arrive deeper into my essence as Woman, giving way for the delicacy of soul to be born.

During my earlier years of teaching, my focus was spent offering classical and modern styles of yoga, meditation from a variety of traditions, the Tibetan and Hindu Tantric lineages and leading yoga and silent retreats primarily in the UK, as well as Mexico and Europe.

My personal awakening and maturation process has laid the ground for my current sharing on Sacred Intimacy, Conscious Relating, Awakening as Woman, Womb Healing, Embodiment and Shadow/Trauma work.

Path of the Heart

For me, the path of the heart is not only one of transcendence, of the movement from matter to spirit, but also one of descent into the non-linear realms. A humbling dance as the mystery of reality spirals out of the heavens and into the earth; into the mud, the mess, the chaos, and the unknown. My longstanding commitment is to Love, and to accompany Love as a fellow traveller, as it emerges out of the stars and infuses the world of time and space. As I have allowed myself to touch the implications of what it really means to be an open, sensitive, vulnerable, and empowered human being – I have discovered that the unfolding of each soul's homecoming is uniquely personal and intimately private. No one else can unfold our individual mystery for us. It is only embodied, enlivened, primary experience that will meet the longing wired into this outrageous human heart.

Awakening As Woman

In recent years I underwent a profound evolutionary process that gave me direct access to the intelligent and exiled nature of my own human suffering – the unforgotten dark nature of the divine feminine. I began to turn my eye deeply inwards and compassionately investigate the mysterious and forgotten realms of our unhealed humanity and my own personal wounding. Accompanying this process; an explicit invitation and grounding into the womb and belly space as compassion, which directly revealed to me the mystical teachings and potential of the cosmic womb and conscious sexuality. This awakening journey unfolded both alone and within the container of a conscious tantric relationship committed to Truth.

My curiosity and hunger for Truth led me on a journey back home to MySelf. My willingness to allow life, my relationships, my every experience to reflect back to me where wholeness was not the case, catapulted me into a strong stream of awakening, whereby my capacity to embody consciousness and unfurl towards healing, grew rapidly. The dance between living and dying, fullness and emptiness, manifestation and hollowing out continues to unravel my being into deeper rest and wholeness.

Conscious Relating

A deeply vulnerable, tender and delicate journey was initiated with my partner, bringing the light of consciousness and radical love directly into the dark corners of being. Instantly, our relationship became a rare, fragile, yet divine crucible for the birthing of true intimacy, One Heart yet two individuals; compassionately confronting deep wounding and uniting in love over and over again. The deeper we stepped into our forgotten realms, the deeper the embodiment of love and compassion within ourselves and towards each other. We became a conduit for profound healing on an individual and collective level, whereby the keys of consciousness could be directly revealed. The tender layers of separation were transformed within this commitment to love, and we both experienced a profound healing of trauma and unconscious patterns that were inherent within us from childhood. This two body practice, along with a growing devotion towards each other's core essence, awakened the merging of the personal and transpersonal within us both, opening us to unseen realms of existence. During this time we were fully dedicated to the work of sacred intimacy. And by true Grace, along with an unwavering commitment to uncover every stone, we began to see the emergence of the possibility for man and woman to live in harmony on this planet, the birthing of the True Man and Woman and Love/God here on ground. 

The gift of sacred union.

About The Work

About The Work

Truth, Embodiment, Intimacy, Surrender

My Heart's Gift

My offerings stem from a life long investigation and my passion to share what this world truly longs for at this time; that we change the world from the inside out by honestly and courageously facing our own suffering and exiled nature of the human state. My work is held in a strong commitment towards awakening on all levels of being and grounding this in the reality of our living lives.


I currently facilitate through the container of 1:1 Online Meetings, Day Long Workshops and Retreats, sharing the keys and wisdom around womb healing, embodiment, sacred intimacy, conscious relating, healing past relationships, shadow/trauma work. I can wholeheartedly say that both working one on one and in groups offers a profound joy and a variety of healing benefits.


I currently travel offering retreats, workshops and online 1:1 sessions. If you would like to invite me to facilitate where you are, join a retreat or workshop or engage with me via a 1:1 meeting, then please feel free to get in touch via the contact page.

For further details on my work and offerings, click the buttons below:

Women's Retreat Spain

I am deeply grateful for the teachings and keys that have been generously

exchanged through all my teachers. In particular the teachings and

transmissions of my dear teacher; Aisha Salem, who continues to be an endless source of inspiration.



Gratitude for all the sweet souls I have encountered along the way

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“I have known Naseem for over 4 years and throughout that time I have attended many of her wonderful yoga and meditation classes as well as retreats.  Naseem has a gift for creating a wonderfully safe environment in which to explore different emotions and feelings that arise during practice and she always speaks authentically from her heart.

Over the last year, I have been having regular 1:1 sessions with Naseem and it has been an absolutely life-changing experience for me.  Naseem creates the safest of spaces for you to explore your emotions, wounding, relationships and past pain and she helps to open the doors with you as she ‘holds your hand’ and explore these areas.  After just one session with Naseem, I found that I could confront some issues that for years I had never been able to see, yet had been holding me back for so long. 

After spending time on Naseem’s retreat I was blown away by the strength of the sisterhood and the powerful sacred space she created for us; she did this by being her absolute authentic self, sharing her own journey and guiding us through her own incredible teachings. 

I wouldn’t want to walk this journey of discovery and self-enquiry with anyone expect Naseem.” ~ Suzy

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