Transmissions & Meditations
An invitation to explore your inner landscape and travel to depths of being.
Below you will find a mixture of transmissions and guided meditations some for free and some longer and more in-depth journies available to download.


Cosmic Union BlackLight Transmission

A guided dreamtime journey birthing a meeting of Heaven and Earth in Cosmic Union within the body space. 
The journey begins through a descent into the dark fertile mantle of the Earth/Womb grid and leads to the revelation of cosmic light illuminating within the core of holy darkness. A black silky sky is unveiled filled with glistening stars illuminating all of creation as one ocean of radiant Black-Light. Welcome to sink into this mystical voyage where spirit and matter meet within your awareness. 
Enjoy as your senses are transported through the roots of the Earth to faraway galaxies and beyond. 
Recorded over the Winter Solstice during The Great Conjunction to the sounds of the Divine Feminine.


Sensual Touch, Body Bliss
~ Awakening the Pulse of Pleasure

Welcoming you to a delicious sensual journey of touch, inviting your hands to tenderly explore every part of your beautiful body. This hour-long journey awakens a deep embodied state of cellular listening that travels beyond the mind and into sensual communion with the unseen sacred mysteries held within the body's cellular memory. Feminine mysteries. Touch is one of the most profound ways in which to reparent ourselves; reminding our bodies that the innate nurture, nourishment and love that we long for, is deeply embedded within our cells waiting to be unlocked. This transmission empowers and reconnects us to the living pulse of pleasure and bliss that lives deep in our body-bone memory.

You are invited to set yourself up for this in a way that you can be completely comfortable to let go and enjoy. You may wish to lay down, sit, or possibly move between both to allow full access to touch your entire body. You may wish to wear loose clothing or even practice naked to allow skin to skin touch. Please set yourself up with all the comfort you need, cushions, blankets, chair, skins etc. 

Soft Like Honey Guided Relaxation

A longer guided full-body relaxation with the intention to encourage a softening into sweet communion within the body space. This tender relaxation invites you to fully enjoy the sweetness of your heart as it pours like nectar into the bones and flesh. Grab some cushions and a blanket, get cosy and let this track guide you into a deep rest.

Pregnancy Yoga Nidra

This nidra guides mama and baby together through a deeply embodied relaxation. Allowing mama the time and freedom to connect to the miracle growing inside of her, awaken her lion heart and deeply surrender into the power and creational force of her womb and yoni. It's a great practice to work with regularly leading up to birth, helping to bring more consciousness to the deep bond manifesting into form and invite baby to work with mama during the birthing process.

Sacred He ~ Sacred She

A guided enquiry to explore our own inner state of balance between Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine. Together we invite Him as presence into the body space, and She as matter/body begins to feel safe to open. Welcoming a gentle discovery of how these two polarities are harmonising together in this moment towards union within our being. This meditation will softly bring an open receptivity to whatever may be unconsciously closed to allowing presence to enter deeper, rewiring and replacing the old pathways of abandonment or rejection of self with presence, love and care. This journey empowers us into our innate strength to open and meet what's here with the loving kindness we so long for, inviting a compassionate holding of fear, dislike, numbness, contraction etc as we are guided towards resting on sacred ground. Enjoy this invitation to discover where peace, harmony, joy and greater unity are now growing more strongly than ever as we consciously taste the intimate meeting of these two aspects of our being. Go in with devotion and openness to the sacred and magical mystery that is possible in any loving moment.