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Womb Portal

As women on an healing journey, awakening to Life through re:remembering that which has been lost and forgotten, we are so blessed to have within our bodies a sacred portal that allows us direct access to Ancient Feminine Wisdom. Our Womb. If you're following my feed then you are most likely aware by now of the disconnection that exists in our current times between consciousness and the womb. And the importance of healing the disconnection, shame, trauma and abandonment through womens gatherings, menstrual cycle awareness, conscious touch, conscious sex, yoni egg practice, dancing, steaming, pelvic floor exercises etc. All so incredibly supportive in the undoing of inherited pain and reconnecting to enjoyment and pleasure that is our bodies natural state of being. But its important to remember that the journey doesn't stop there. The healing is crucial. But the potential of our womb is so much more especially in its healed state. Your womb is a hologram of the Great Womb of Creation, an ocean of endless Love, that births and rebirths everything. A multidimensional, holographic gateway where spirit steps in and out of matter. From this receptive blacklight hole we are directly connected to other realms beyond this physical plane, and the more awake she becomes the more access you have. Right here, from this throne of ecstasy, the Earth’s magnetic pull effortlessly draws all that is good and right for you, towards you. A direct channel to ancient feminine wisdom opens within you, allowing the power of love and healing to be of endless benefit to you but also those around you. Our planet longs for this kind of love to born through us. If you feel a calling to reclaim your sacred sovereignty as Woman, to embrace your darkness, brightness and wildness with a fierce willingness to Love yourself all the way through, then join me for: COSMIC WOMB INITIATION CEREMONY I so look forward to sharing this Cosmic Womb Map with you, offering keys to healing the shadows of each of the 8 gates and stepping towards the empowerments that await us all. Love Naseem 🖤

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