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Sacred Union ~ Dance of Essences

Sacred Union

The fact that as human beings, we long for intimacy with another more than anything, is no great surprise when we recognise the parallel deep heart opening desire for the return to Self. The meeting of two souls within the container of intimate relating holds the potential for profound inner and outer transformation and awakening. It is the meeting of two open hearts merging into ecstatic Oneness yet allowing the true birth of each one as their individual essence. As Man and Woman. When two souls unite with a depth of connection it is without doubt that they not only hold the keys to opening their heart but also to activating their specific core wounding. Intimate relating is for this reason, a profound portal for the healing of our deepest wounds, as it is within the relational field that these wounds were initially imprinted, most likely during our early years of life. What lies hidden and broken in one is exactly the wounding that will correspond to activate the others hidden and unconscious pain. Like a hand and a glove. The depth to which we are intimately touched is equal to the depth by which we are triggered. As two souls unite in love, love pours into untouched terrain, illuminating and activating pain and trauma from long ago. Not because the other has any agenda to cause pain, but simply through the sheer nature of the crucible that forms in a conscious and sacred relationship. It is as if we are transported from the here and now crossing through the liminal and landing back in time, where the initial imprint of unworthiness, rejection, loneliness, abandonment, exile, hatred was made. Within this sacred container the couple are placed in direct confrontation with all that they are in conflict with inside themselves.The aching pain that lies within the conflict is sacred and the embodied willingness to stay present with it is a holy pilgrimage. A true manifestation of the ongoing cosmic tension between masculine and feminine dancing each other home to wholeness.

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