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Love Full Circle

​Hey friends

Finally, a little readiness here to begin sharing some of the jewels of these past 9 months.

The journey with chronic illness creates an urgency for incubation.

Partly because it's an incredibly vulnerable time where sensitivities within the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and subtle fields are heightened tremendously​. And also because energy feels so finite, deficient even.

This heightened sensitivity also translates strongly towards environments, people, places, societal structures etc and detoxing on every level is fundamental to surviving and inshallah healing too.

I've realised the profound liberty of being able to love those we hold dear without agenda.

​As we each walk our way through facing individual barriers and tendencies towards lack and deficiency, I'm aware of how deeply gifted​ I am by those that deem the love I share trustworthy and safe.

​And​ this goes both ways.

In being so nourished in the moments when ​love​ uninhibited pours ​through​​ me, I'm deeply informed of the worthiness of receiving love that comes without condition, agenda, need or want.

Simply as kindness, protection and​ with the​ deepest care.

And a clear NO to everything else.

Not everyone gets to see our deepest core, there is logic in who does.

Those that do are fortunate.

F​or they are blessed by the intimate beauty revealed in the quietest moments where Grace sings her silent melodies and shines true essence through the eyes and hearts of those gifted with presence.

In disappearing into the unmanifest, the stillness cultivated propels the heart into a cycle of loving generously as we are merged with the source of love, infinite and abundant by nature.

To love and be loved generously builds Vitality.

And to live vitally propels us into Bliss.

Fundamentally rewiring the​ old​ inherited mechanics of giving and receiving love from a place of lack and deficiency.

And by the way, it seems the blossoming of vitality and bliss can occur regardless of physical health.

The body is a masterful portal.

Friends, it's an honour to hold hands in the dark moments, laugh wildly and celebrate with you in the ecstatic moments, and sit entrenched in the quiet moments in between. And that we get to do this for each other​ in this lifetime and in our receptivity, we are ​all​ profoundly blessed.

You know who you are.

So ridiculously grateful for beloved soul family.

In servitude to love

Naseem x

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