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Pain & It's Many Gifts

Apologies if I've been slow to reply to you over the last week, I recently injured my back and kinda got swallowed up in a in-depth exploration of pain. Over the past few years I've experienced all kinds of physical phenomenon as a part of this body's awakening process, physical pain being one of them. But this back injury was a whole other level - I have never experienced anything quite so excruciating. The sheer fact that the pain was so overwhelming meant there was no hiding from the intelligence and wisdom being revealed through being present with the pain. It was almost instantly - a brutally humbling teaching in deep listening as I met with the arising of past trauma. An old wound that had been awaiting my acknowledgement for quite some time. What else to do but allow the tears to roll?! In being so totally grounded and incapacitated I received some very significant teachings: • pain and joy are two sides of the same coin, and you can't know one without the other. • pain can hold deep wisdom from the past • trying to get rid of pain, wish it away, is the same as starting a fully fledged war with my body! A violent attempt to devalue my body's true healing power. • the appearance of pain is not my body letting me down but the revealing of a deeper intelligence, one that lies mysteriously in the cells and the nervous system. • Pain is an ally. A teacher. • the louder the pain the stronger the invitation to listen • pain can destroy you or it can wake you up! • this too shall pass, in its own time • pain is deeply humbling • the healing that takes place is so much deeper than just physical • stepping out of playing victim to something 'unwanted' is my reclamation of power • Compassion, acceptance and presence are so key. Even with those sneaky thoughts against the pain! In being truly present with what is, means that my peace is not dependant on whether there is pain or not What a week! Phfeww! Deep embodied healing is one hell of a mysterious process!

Friends, I want to share with you a meditation I recorded, which has been a great practice for me in staying present and accepting. It's called: Loving Embrace: A Meditation on Acceptance. It's a gentle and soothing practice to support you in moments where you may find it difficult to deal with your current state of being; when stress, worry, anxiety, strong emotions, physical pain, engulf you and you meet that inner battle to simply Be With. It's also a great practice to simply bathe in presence and support rest and relaxation. Click on the link below, have a listen, enjoy and feel free to share with others that may find it beneficial. And let me know what you think, I am planning on making more of these (I know, it's about time!) to support you along your way. And also because I usually need to remind myself of these practices more than most! Thanks for reading me dear ones, wishing you a beautiful presence filled weekend ❤ 📸 Me back in my yoga teaching days in London!

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