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Bliss & Pain

Have you ever noticed that bliss and pain are pretty much 2 sides of the same coin? They feel miles apart but in fact the embodied experience of them is pretty similar... Both are certainly challenging to fully experience... Before the body is able to relax into either there is usually a great deal of resistance to face, a tension that at times can feel excruciating, overwhelming,like a giant bubble about to burst. Our experience becomes very noisy at this point, either internally or externally, and we face our edge big time. There are simply 2 options here; turn and run or give in and let go. The latter is of course the hardest choice, as our surrender requires a silent giving over of our mind into the complete unknown. A terrifying concept for our beloved minds. In my experience, to embody deeper and deeper states of bliss, I must be willing to feel my pain equally. Not in order to get some where, but simply because the two are equally real and deserving of my presence. Kinda like if you stretch an elastic band in one direction you have to stretch it the other way too. In this way, to feel pain means that bliss is inevitable. When we allow ourselves to relax into either bliss or pain, what follows is an expansion, a sense of relief, an opening in and down through yet another subtle layer of tension (objection to pure feeling) in our nervous system. And suddenly there is an ease in our experience. We can simply Be with the tears or sheer joy. As humans beings our nervous system is designed to expand, to be deeply orgasmic, and our very structures are made in such a way to hold and experience ecstatic states of bliss. But for most of us a great deal of pain stands before this profound and beautiful opening. Pain that holds such deep wisdom and teaching for us, that in feeling it we stand the chance of healing lifetimes worth of rejection. And what a blessing that would be... In the approach to this new moon eclipse my experience of these two states has sped up, kinda like a pendulum swinging more and more rapidly from one end to the other, spiralling down, deeper and deeper into each one... And funnily enough what I discover on the other side is not a great all-singing-all-dancing climax, but in fact a deep sense of quiet. Peace. A silence so vast it feels endless...

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