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Beltane Portal & Scorpio Full Moon Magic

After a magical day yesterday bathing in the beauty of opposites: strong spring sunshine, followed by the magnificent blue and cooling view of moon rise over the water; I am now sat contemplating the perfection of this year's Beltane juncture as the wind howls outside and a storm rolls in... Natures cycles truly reflects all the messages we need. For the last 3 years, I have experienced very clear 9 month cycles that pull me deep into particular processes, setting off full speed by the point of autumn equinox, culminating with a birthing of self into fresh form around the time of the wild and playful Celtic festival of Beltane. The Beltane juncture is a raucous celebration of sacred masculine and feminine uniting, hand in hand in marriage, symbolised by the appointing of the Beltane King and Queen. But for us on a journey as individuals it is often a potent and fiery time in our annual cycle where we can strongly feel the build up of tension, the collision of polar opposites and rub of what was (old forms of self) and what is coming into form. If we are unaware of the nature of these times and potency of this rub, then the juxtaposition of old beliefs, ideas, hopes, dreams, patterns, habits, feelings, thoughts up against what we sense awaiting us on the other side can feel incredibly overwhelming and frustrating. We may become fed up of the same pattern occurring again and again in our relationships and the world around us; feeling the same hurt, meeting the same disappointment and a sense of nothing moving forward at all. Yet if we allow the discomfort of the rub and relax with the intensity of it, we will soon become aware of its alchemical power and innate transformational force. We begin to grow in trust that the repetition of our painful outer reflections is not without purpose - to guide us towards a pressure point of inner combustion, which gives way for a new state of being. Change lies right in the middle of these two opposites meeting, uniting, mutating and being free to birth something entirely new. Just like when man's sperm meets a woman's egg and life is slowly born from these two opposites set free to unite. This Scorpio Full Moon invites us deeper into the shadows to enquire about these repetitive patterns and the meeting of our opposites... Ask yourself is there someone in your life repeatedly treating you in a way that you don't approve of? Maybe more than one person? Is there a particular wish or dream of yours that continuously meets disappointment? Are you experiencing a similar cycle of feelings over and over again? Are you at the point of being totally fed up with these patterns? If so inquire deeper...what aspect, pattern, habit inside of yourself is not quite willing to give over and give up? An aspect of self that if allowed to die and the death of that to be grieved and welcomed, would immediately rotate existence to allow the exact opposite reflection to emerge instead of the one you've been struggling with... A surrender awaits that brings forth the possibility of deep rest and union inside each of us. A true reason to celebrate and honour this time of year. If what you meet here is connected to relational dynamics, welcome to refer to my blog Conscious Conflict or of course get in touch for 1-1 support.

I am deeply looking forward to flowering into our new sense of self at the Summer Solstice Awakening as Woman Retreat in June, when we can celebrate and harvest the fruits of this past 9 month cycle. Welcome to get in touch for more details.

Until then Beltane blessings to each of you on your way forwards, may the journey ahead be flowered with the ripeness and beauty of summer...


Naseem x

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