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The Efficiency of Moving Slow

The Efficiency of Moving Slow

This Easter Sunday, I woke up to this view... every inch of the ground covered in thick white snow. No sign of spring today, just a clear message that the wisdom of winter is still the reflection I need right now. For a while now I have been experiencing long waves of exhaustion. A tiredness so deep, my heavy body feels like it will never move again... Iv become quite accustomed to this exhaustion and been lucky enough that life provided the space for the slowness of my being to be respected and allowed. But there were certainly many times I struggled to give up my to-do list, judged myself for being lazy, without ambition, weak, and experienced frustration at the lack of anything happening. The fact our world is so fast paced and frowns on anything that isn't living up to that pace, was often a tough reflection to bear. This winter I finally gave into the wisdom of being SO very SLOW. I put on my cosy slippers and my grandma dressing gown, and pretty much didn't take them off for 4 months! I just allowed myself to rest and move at the snail pace that my aching body demanded . In this time iv come to realise that birthing the deeply mystically yet embodied nature of Being Truly Me is a great weight to bear. It's a grounding down into the soil so deep and uncovering of feminine wisdom so endless that it is no surprise this body cannot move at the pace it once used to. Yet in amongst what felt ridiculously slow and the very opposite of efficient, something miraculous began to happen... As I was continually carved out by silence and grounded into stillness by life, an entirely new capacity was born that allowed so much to quietly get done. An efficiency so quiet began to show itself. And by quiet I mean minus the 'someone' trying to achieve/accomplish/do anything. Just as if by magic things got done. And this process continues. As I honour the slowing down and allow my identification to be humbled through surrender it seems the efficiency grows in its capacity. Accomplishing exactly what's needed and nothing more. Life simply dances through me allowing Love to be the case moment to moment. Bowing deeply in gratitude for yet another humbling lesson in Her wisdom...

Wishing you all a gentle transition through this Easter Portal, full of care and kindness

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