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The Power of Vulnerability

I have been blessed to have spent many years exploring teachings, communities, practices that support living a life with an open heart, and yet somehow it is only in this past year that I have deeply begun to truly understand what that means and the strength it requires to stay there…

The key for me is vulnerability.

Ironically, there at the core of our vulnerability lies an incredible power, a power far greater than the power that the mind understands and longs for…

A power that demonstrates the immense courage and strength it takes to stand open, raw and naked in our truth, the willingness to let the masks fall away for a moment, to no longer hide what is true and alive in us (no matter how ugly, painful, joyful, expansive, blissful), to let ourselves be seen fully, to face judgement and disapproval…

Vulnerability is not about wining or losing, it is not about failure or completion, it is in fact a willingness to be seen and let go of any outcome for a moment. To stand naked with no expectation. Right here we see that there is absolutely nothing weak about vulnerability, it is a true demonstration of courage. A deeper invitation of surrender. In the depth of our vulnerability we are as close to the bone to the breath of Life as we possibly can be…right here we meet the birthplace of true power. A power that transcends rational understanding. The power that is Life, Love.

The heart breaks wide open and in that crack we come alive.

This week after some inner investigation and meeting myself more deeply, I realised that I harbour a deep Fear of Life. Of living passionately, vibrantly, of living my true potential and standing in that immense amount of power. I am afraid of that which I Am. Beyond the somebodyness… But yet this is what I long for more than anything… I have realised that meeting this fear in true naked honesty, and holding space for it to be, is all that I can do right now. To stay in this vulnerability is a huge challenge for me, my mechanisms and strategies to avoid resting here are still alive and playing out. Yet when I find a moment to bravely dive in, I feel that there is no other place more satisfying to exist from. To be anywhere else feels like a great big lie, denying mySelf, denying Life…

One of the most beautiful ways to explore vulnerability for me has always been with other human beings…

When one person commits to opening into raw honesty of the heart, it is difficult for the other to resist meeting them there…and WOWWWWWWW…what beauty unfolds… Here I discover such a profound connection to the other, 2 hearts sharing Love effortlessly. To rest here together is nourishing, deeply fulfilling, alive, expansive and utterly joyous! For me it is truly one of the biggest gifts of walking this human life.

I am so grateful to share that this is where my service in the world seems to be unfolding…in a constant exploration of what it is to be truly vulnerable. I have been so blessed recently to share this exploration with beautiful souls through 121 meetings, women’s circles, intimacy workshops, not to mention online and face to face with my beloved friends and family! And I feel so humbled and deeply grateful that this work may continue in my future offerings.

I pray for the strength and courage to meet myself more deeply and every other human being I meet along the way. (And in the meantime, holding myself in compassion for every time I slip up!)

With deep gratitude to all the brave souls that share this journey with me. I love you Naseem

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