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Sacred Sex, Love Making & Beyond

The sexual nature of intimate relating is key to the potential transformation for both souls. Where by love making allows a direct pathway to the essence of spirit and oneness of being. Sacred union activates the raw power of Love and Life Force energy to carve out the body space, allowing both partners to experience the penetrating presence of consciousness into their sacred temples: the heart and sexual organs. . The meeting of consciousness with matter in this way can very often feel like a lightening bolt in the body sphere, directly activating the enjoyment body as well as the wounding; igniting a rewiring of our life force energy. Alongside this activation comes a purification of sexual energy and a healing of sexuality on ground level. Not to mention a profound heart expanding devotion to the transpersonal reality. This directly influences the way that life manifests through and as each one. . Love making - literally an act of allowing a deeper presence of love and pleasure to flow into form. But to let another being touch us and be touched so deeply can be profoundly terrifying for a pain body filled with a history of trauma and abuse. . The key is to go gently. Let slow be the new fast. Respect the body's signals. Listen with curiosity and reverence and be certain that the current understanding of love is about to be blown wide open. . Such a sacred intimacy awaits as two lovers humbly enter the temple gates of Love together. A love that cannot be grasped, or forced. To see into this mystery a total honesty with our heart's longing is required. A humble heart, true to its prayer, grows in its ability to welcome this universal force. A chance for the body to finally re-member the earth shattering pleasure it was always designed to experience. . Profound pleasure can be so silently powerful when the body learns to allow it's presence. So much so, it has the ability to silence any traces of identity, leaving only a wide openness in its place. A quiet yet magnificent sense of awe that vibrates well being and ecstasy through every single cell. . But inevitably, at some point, that wide open space is once again filled with the fluctuations of identity. The page turns and right here in the core of making love, the body learns the fundamental reality that pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin. Can we stay committed as love and hold both sacred? Can we end the pain of abandonment from the inside out? . The key here, as pleasure shows her sisters face, is not to grasp or hold on to her old shape. Be willing to rest in the wide openness and welcome all the faces of the goddess. Trust in her divinity. Pay reverence at her holy feet, and know that if the heart is breaking it is simply another form of love making taking place. . Love making is by no means limited to sex. It is the very force of nature that kills, gives life and transforms. This force has the potential to devour the heavy burdens of shame, unworthiness, helplessness, rejection, guilt, abandonment. Taking away what's simply not needed and leaving Nothing in its place. . True love needs no reason to love. It literally wants for Nothing. But Gives endlessly. THIS is one of the most significant teachings received in a relationship committed to conscious sacred union. . Through loving each other, devotion blossoms, and the body cells begin to vibrate with what they have forever longed for. Leaving an everlasting, ever-deepening imprint on the soul. . As this force grows between two lovers, naturally the power of deeper self-love begins to unfold. And a recognition that the true meeting of lover and beloved is ultimately an inside job. . A true conscious relationship is not for the purpose of falling asleep in old co-dependant patterns. But ultimately to wake us up to the true power and potential of love and joy as life force here on this Sacred Earth.

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