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Conscious Relating as A Pathway

Engaging consciously in relating with others is one of the greatest amplifiers of the unconscious realms. . As relational beings, with open, sensitive and vulnerable hearts, we are constantly invited to recognise the potential of every relationship as a mirror reflecting back our own tender, hidden and often disguised reality. We can count on those we are in close relationship with to reflect back all that is unresolved within us. This more than often manifests through conflict with the other. . When we approach relating consciously we welcome the possibility of bringing our painful feelings, triggers, reactions, projections, hatred, need to blame, home on ourselves. In this way we are choosing to encode a radical new pathway within our nervous system, and psyche, where by we replace the inherited old ways of self-abandonment and neglect with new circuitry. With that of love, awareness, curiosity and devotion to wholeness. . * Return to Self * . Ultimately the field of relating is a direct reflection of our intimate commitment to Self, as the bottom line. It is a calling towards our own private and tender journey home, where we are constantly opening our eyes to ‘as within, so without’. . The return home is bitterly sweet as the decent of consciousness illuminates the mystery of matter within our very beings, and Lover and Beloved playfully dance the heart’s greatest longing. . The very fabric of our individual homecoming journey is uniquely composed of specific ancestral coding, childhood experiences, traumas and overall life experiences that create distinct levels of identification, relational dynamics, behavioural patterns and wounding. These are aspects of ourselves that are longing to come out of the shadows and into the light of loving awareness. Not to harm, but to be accepted in their raw, vulnerable, naked state, and loved back to wholeness. Within this field of relating lies a great call and longing of the soul to return. A call that simply gets louder with every conscious step towards co-creation, co-existing and transformation.

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