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Self Care

In my work, I'm often asked about Self Care practices and how best to take care during intense periods. To be honest my answer always varies depending on the person, circumstances and what's currently moving. Sometimes self care is cancelling an appointment, giving yourself that extra time in bed or creating more space in your schedule. Sometimes it's being absolutely quiet and alone with intense emotional waves, or nourishing yourself with soulful company and playfulness. Sometimes it's stepping up in responsibility and meeting another in honest (often difficult) communication, or picking up an old/new practice or ritual that supports you right now to deepen. Sometimes it's putting yourself into the healing hands or space of another to receive support. Sometimes it's tending to your health, diet and body, or being gentle with a tender heart or chaotic mind. Sometimes it's choosing healthy boundaries and taking a side step, or opening yourself to another. Sometimes it's rest or energising. Sometimes it's Now or choosing patience. Sometimes it's that precious 5 minutes to yourself or long and timeless walks in nature. Sometimes it's moving, changing, or being totally still.

Ultimately self care is responding to exactly what is needed moment to moment. Listening deeply enough to inner rhythms will always provide the key to what's most loving for us and all those around us. Even if that choice may be unusual, difficult or challenging to make. Self care is = to choosing Love. And allowing that choice of Love to rotate everything around you. Ignoring that voice is the total opposite of care. And sometimes self care is the little things that simply get you through the day. Thank you to my beloved sisters for gifting me the most beautiful survival kit for this winter! Lorienne, for the the cuddliest duck down hot water bottle cover. Heidi, for her delicious handmade Moontime Balm, packed with yummy natural ingredients. And my darling Annika, for her incredible ayurvedic wisdom and loving hands.

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