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Transitions & Cyclical Living ~ A personal update

As I've felt the pull of the underworld over this recent entry into Autumn, I've been contemplating a lot around how different running a business looks and is when approached from the perspective of feminine wisdom.

So many women these days are inspired to work and run their businesses from a more organic and nature based understanding that the feminine (and thus women too) are cyclical. Simply put there are days when creativity, productivity, playfulness and output are going to be flowing more abundantly, and other times when we are inspired to be more pragmatic, practical and task driven, and other times when life asks us to draw inwards to replenish and inspire whilst creativity returns back to source.

Then there are the bigger life cycles, I call them initiations, where as women/humans we become aware of a larger scope of birthing and creation that will invite us to take bigger and braver steps into greater visibility, offering and service. Launching new projects, birthing offerings, collaborating and creating in new and innovative ways. Alongside longer time out for diving inwards, pausing, retreating, healing, changing direction, entering parenthood or marriage, integration, preparation, honouring a period of letting go or a life change.

Harnessing the wisdom of birth and death and the portals inbetween and the impact of resting into the greater and more natural cycle of life is literally a game changer. On all levels.

Yet it's an endless challenge to move in more radical ways in the field of business when the societal status quo is a 24 hour service driven world, demanding constant productivity, visibility, engagement and output. Fear, survival instincts and a sense of possible failure are regular companions to hold tenderly whilst we learn to live more freely, fluidly, truthfully and inline with the natural order of things.

Over the past year SO much has changed and fallen away within me and within my life.

For the better.

Giving space for so much more authenticity to come through.

In all honesty at the core of all these changes it is my honest and open relationship to dismantling fear that has allowed me to take significant steps away from what became unhealthy. Towards freedom. Trust. Sovereignty. Leaps in fact.

And as I approach my 40th cycle around the sun another significant initiation is under way.

The last few months have felt like being pulled into a time of incubation, another round of birthing through one of her mysterious larger cycles that come around at poignant times. It's felt like time to leave this landscape I've known for so long, wrap up a huge chapter of learning and living, let go and descend back into simplicity.

The mycelium world has been calling so loudly. The underbelly of the soil, where the ground is deep, vast, nutritious and vital and gently nudging me to reconnect to the simple and innate nourishment in my life. Those constant blessings that exist no matter what life chapter I'm living through. Family. Friends. Homeland. Love. Belonging. Roots.

So I'm allowing myself to enjoy the descent from all that is visible and recognisable. To disappear and drink in from the silent pool of nothingness. And being no one in particular.

I'm letting go of work commitments. Of needing to show up on SM. And most importantly I'm wrapping up my life in Denmark, tying a big red bow in this epic 5 year journey and heading off for some new adventures.

Its time.

I can feel it in my bones.

The land here, she is setting me free.

A cycle is complete and I'm so grateful.

And so ready.

And as ever, clueless about what next hand life wants to deal but ready to take the leap.

For those that know me well, know I've been here before. A few times. Where life draws me into her birth portal, strips me of what I've known and in her own good time spits me out in a new form on my bambi legs as I slowly figure out what the heck happens next.

Its not necessarily the life I expected. But I guess it's certainly not boring.

A part of me always struggles to let go, to give up and let the life I've lovingly built turn to dust. But lately I've realised this is what I'm hear for.

For Her.

And her cycles.

Living fully requires letting go fully.

To learn her ways on every level of life: work, home, play, relating, creating, crafting, even if it challenges my every fibre.

The decomposing of life is in fact the very nutritious ground from which next season's crops will bloom.

It may seem like everything has gone quiet, but the descent is so decadently rich. Life fiercely goes on beneath the surface of what we know.

We return back to our core, our centre point, where the frequency and pulse of life is at her loudest.

I keep reminding myself that this period of realignment will become the spring board from which I will emerge.

Refreshed, renewed, re-inspired and back on purpose.

I'll be continuing with 1:1 sessions (with a few weeks break while I move), but taking a break from group gatherings from November as my offerings coil in to be reshaped and renewed too.

In the meantime you can catch me over in our community Facebook group: Awakening As Woman. I might pop on Instagram. I might not. We'll see.

Thank you dear friends for being here with me in the fullness and the quiet moments too. Life is richer with you. And I so look forward to how we will serve each other next.

Wishing you all joyful transitions, until soon With love Naseem x

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