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The Insatiable Rapture of The Feminine

Deep in the blood of man lives an insatiable longing to return Home. A hunger to discover and devour that which we feel we have never known. It speaks the language of a forgotten past, and a current of reality yet to be cast.

And in our lostness across the wasteland of living we were given a compass to lead us to the beginning.

DESIRE Little did we know that getting lost in the chaos of searching Would we find our way home through flirting; with our desires, expectations, needs, wants, The soul just wants us to remember through its loud hairy taunts.

But desire is the sacred pulse of life. Her speaking through battle, bones and strife.

This most intimate and unique language, when spoken truthfully provides the soul a pathway into unity. With form, reality, Divine Will. And if Desire is the Language then Longing is it's quil.

This raw honesty longs for expression Not knowing the form it will take yet creates beauty beyond comprehension.

BEAUTY The blind know her as superficial but Beauty when truly witnessed is a feeling deep in the bones The call of the beloved which takes you beyond the senses, beyond external validation so delicate and subtle in its core yet offering the full haven of nature to the beholder.

Beauty is the frequency of truth. Of the Divine cradled by silence nurtured by mystery the unspoken poetry of life.

To dance with beauty is to become the poet and the poetry A becoming so tenderly intimate with dissolution, with yin, resting in daily reverence to the mystery.

Beauty is a path of longing and surrender. Call to her and she blooms, grasp at her and she diminishes.

But when she arrives you will know. Her radiance is undeniable, Like the blazing sun she is revealed from behind the clouds of illusion, effortlessly spinning and weaving magic into the world. Simply by shinning, nothing more.

Yet to taste this radiance is to know, that just like the flames of the fire, the freedom of the wind, the endlessness of the ocean She cannot be contained. She too is Endless. Beyond. Boundless. Sip her sweet red nectar until you are lost in ineffable bliss, yet know you'll still hunger for more.

To know Her insatiability Is to rest in aliveness. Riding the throbbing pulse of life with full abandon It is to walk in the deep mystery current of the unknown. Knowing your on the right path even when you cannot feel your feet and the road has disappeared from view.

Catalysing the higher currents of grace As your senses crystallise into Rapture.

How to keep such a love under water?! Wrapped up beneath fear, desire, addiction, fantasy.

Beauty will bring you to your knees in front of the Great Goddess Mystery. No language required. No words can fathom What a wide open heart can hear in its willingness to be guided back into Her palm. Warm drops of golden tears The rivers of Her return

She weaves through you Through me Are you ready to see? Do you have a choice? Hasn't that call been there all along? Grab a hand. Its time. Enter the mystery and surrender hunger for rapture. Leap. Love. Radiate. She devours and delivers us home with every trusting step. Beauty endlessly birthing In every honest moment.

This is the fire I have sworn to tend, the Temple I devoutly keep, Will you join me?

~ Naseem Khakoo

Photo magic by Sofie Rørdam

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