• Naseem Khakoo

Lughnasadh Blessings

"Nature is always calling us into greater gestures of bravery. And as we accept those invitations to our personal edge, we lose the ability to shrink into falseness." ~ @tokopa 2020 has been a crazy wild year so far, and with the first of the three harvest festivals approaching, there is so much to sort and sift through. As we transition from the solar peak of Solstice towards the more mellow soft days of late summer, we are offered a perfect moment to gather, digest and metabolise all the fruits of this past year. What are you harvesting from this past cycle? What medicine are you alchemising in your life, work, relationships? This festival also honours the celebration of our gifts and creations (the Celtic God Lugh being the Master of Crafts). A perfect moment to sit back, give thanks and enjoy a quiet moment of celebration for walking through the fire of 2020 with fruits to bare and share! The Harvest Season is the culmination of the 8-Fold Year, stretching over a few months including Autumn Equinox and the final festival of Samhain and the beginning of nature's next cycle (Celtic New Year). Do you remember the intentions you set last Samhain? How have they come into fruition? We have plenty of time to digest, integrate and metabolise the fruits, lessons, learnings and losses of this past cycle before Autumn approaches. The perfect time to allow the wisdom of your body to attune to the natural world around you and enjoy, reflect, celebrate and gather your medicine. May the the fruits of our harvest, sustain, nourish and support us through the dark winter months.

#lughnasdah #lammas #harvestseason #8foldyear #natureswheel #wheeloftheyear #cyclicalliving #naturesmedicine #earthbodywisdom #consciousliving #wombwisdom #transition #awakeningaswoman

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