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Imbolc vs New Year

It's funny; this whole New-Year-jump-start-into-getting-going-with-new-plans thing, always feels way too early for me - kinda like a false start before readiness to emerge is actually possible. We are still in the depths of winter, and like any transition, to move from one thing to the next simply takes time. Emergence is a steady and slow process, and requires a strong rooting in presence to fully benefit from the fruits and wisdom it bears. In rushing it we miss the full potential that the transition holds for us, often forcing us to revisit the process again in the future. And when we are talking about moving from one wild & crazy year to the next - well, that's a hell of a lot to digest, swallow and stabilise! So if you are feeling exhausted, unwell or still not quite ready to face the world yet - then don't worry, No, you are not slow. In fact your body is syncing in well with nature and showing you what's truly needed right now. Give yourself permission to rest dear one, take care, move gently, be kind to yourself. In listening in and doing what's needed rather than 'what you should' you will maintain that subtle connection to the ground and thus your life force. A moving from Doing into Being. And to be honest this is a skill that takes practice to harvest, so slip ups are always welcome! And so is the recognition of resistance! Be kind to your sweet self. And if you're already in tune with this steady and gentle emergence, you may too be feeling the silent stirring of Imbolc approaching; The Earth arousing from its deep slumber, a sense of Life's emergence yet still unformed in matter. The distant fertile scent of spring, yet held tightly within the grip of dark winter. Imbolc is Life's sweet lullaby, gently sounding the horn that Her arrival is soon imminent. It's almost time for the cracking of the winter shell to meet eye to eye with the space of new possibility... I'm so looking forward to honouring this transition in the Up-Coming Imbolc, Awakening As Woman Ceremony Retreat Day. A day of deep ceremony infused with powerful intention setting practices, rituals, a cracking playlist and of course Mama Cacao to support the manifestation of our heart's longing.

Just over a week - Ladies - there are still a few spaces if you'd like to join us!

This will be my last visit to the UK for sometime so I deeply look forward to this precious time together!

with love and joy Naseem

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