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Golden Days & Autumn Equinox

GOLDEN DAYS As Autumn Equinox & the next Dark Moon approaches nature is reflecting back the spirit of abundance and maturation, a joyful time of harvesting & celebration as Life tips over Her full peak & guides us gently towards the quiet turning inwards of the darker months. We are called towards a balance of both light & dark, beauty & spaciousness, maturation & dissolution, even the vibrancy of summer must return back to its empty dark source. And these Golden Days are inviting us to do exactly the same. Celebrate the abundance & beauty of the past season & let everything fall into stillness for a moment. Quietude. Gratitude. Solitude. We are at the peak point of ripening that comes with the fruition of our summer efforts which, naturally, sooner or later, hits the ground ready to dissolve back into nothing. Just like the unpicked fruit on the trees. A chapter is ending, yet we don't know what lies ahead. We're at a seasonal juncture as life force begins to turn in on itself, so must we. The body can sense nature's gentle call towards her empty dark embrace, to slow down into her holding, rest our head on her lap & let the sweetness of this transition be fully tasted, felt & welcomed. Now is the time to prepare our homes, hearts, hearths, bodies & minds for the inward dark dive ahead. The great Womb of Gaia is calling for your return, from the ripening of your own individuality back to the source of creation. The fruits of our cultivation are ready to sustain, nourish & support us through the winter months. Take her hand as she beckons us into a powerful time of maturation, regeneration, integration & digestion before bathing you in her shimmering dark dreamy blanket. Autumn love to you 🧡

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