Dancing with the Holy

Took my prayers, tender heart and cacao to the sea for a wee little ceremony today, accompanied by old friends Sandalwood and Palo Santo and a blood offering from this week's potent time of release, and these words came through:

Call upon the Holy

Dance with the Sacred

Stay awake inside the empty moment until you sense its aliveness

Dance with the tension as it readies itself for a new song

Taste the stirrings of life form that give way from the void

A magnetism where the senses, infused by fragrant emptiness, drenched in peace,

open up to welcome forth that which lies in the liminal

The heart dilates

simply available to the Grace of becoming.

As you listen, so are you heard.

Attuned intimately with the rhythms of nature.

There is no rush.

Remembering, Remembered.

A Holy Moment that lingers on

Guided by the Ancient Ones

Insatiably sweet in its simplicity

The sacred dance of becoming

Holy. You.









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