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Celebrating 10 Years with You!

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

CELEBRATING 10 YEARS & a wee personal update

On this day 10 years ago this younger version (jeez I hardly recognise her!) of myself qualified as a yoga and meditation teacher, after a 3 month intense teacher training on the beautiful (and blomin' hot) coastline of west Mexico. (Cue - a series of sweaty photos from back then!)

Wow it's mad how long ago this was! And at the same time, time has flown by so fast. Little did I know the new and completely unknown chapter I was stepping into!

Yoga and then meditation found me at the age of 18, and I spent 11 years practicing, exploring, travelling and discovering before I felt ready to take the plunge into my TTC. From that point on my life changed in so many wild ways, and the journey onwards has brought so much richness forth that I honestly couldn't have imagined.

As it turns out this ancient and sacred path was set to be the foundation for me to explore, learn, cultivate and then teach in many other directions of spirituality, healing and awakening. And yet the thread and wisdom of these teachings is inherent in most of what I've discovered along the way.

Today (and most days tbh) on this auspicious Wesak Full Moon I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to explore to such depths and heights the mechanics of human consciousness, to immerse in my own healing and awakening and to spend my days sharing the fruits along the way with an incredible community and family of souls. It really is such a privilege.

Today in particular, I'm hugely grateful to the inspirational teachers, facilitators and wisdom keepers I've been blessed to learn from over the years and the lineages of wisdom they each carry into this life. Thank you, deeply, for forging me into who I am today and still becoming.

And what has birthed through this exchange of wisdom and teaching is something incredibly precious to me; a co-created weaving of communities of beloved sisters and brothers together, united in a shared quest for love and truth. I'm so blessed to have shared the journey with you if you're reading this (or not) - a gift I will always treasure.

The blessings and boons of this co-creation and how it spills out further and wider into our collective web continues to astound me and I'm so curious where it finds us all next in our individual journey of becoming.

Friends from the UK (Milton Keynes and London especially), Melbourne, Mexico, Thailand, Denmark, US and beyond - you are deeply and gratefully etched into my heart and I pray life is taking good care of you.

Thank you for the blessing of creating magic together, whether for a short moment or longer.

And somehow the journey is still just beginning.

Here's to the next 10 years and beyond, God only knows what's in store! . . . PERSONAL UPDATE As some of you know (if you're on my newsletter list) I've not been actively teaching for the past 7 months. Last year I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease and have since been immersed in an unexpected healing journey (click here for a deeper update in my blog)

And like with every point of this journey, this particular long pause comes with great purpose and a new kind of teaching and blessing (and a ton of challenge!) that I hope will ripen in time to be shared.

For now, I wanted to express even more thanks to this beautiful community for your love, support, prayers, sweet messages, keeping in touch, generous donations, hugs, cups of tea, lifts, walks, visits and kindness in so many forms. As someone who has forged her way through being in service and support to others, it is a HUGE (vulnerable and necessary) learning to let that support turn in on itself. So thank you again, for enabling the reciprocity and transparency of love and care to flow between us in its abundance. This is the stuff of true community. And I'm so damn grateful to be in this with you, learning, creating, being and growing together.

Loving you xxx

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