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Anger & Sex

With all this fiery passionate energy that's been on the rise in the ethers since Solstice (plus Mars, Sirius, Solar flares) there is a strong activation and invitation to explore our relationship to both Anger and Sex. It's the next collective edge we're being invited to. And necessary if we are to become trustworthy protectors of this Earth and Her Wisdom.

Both these frequencies have been deemed spiritually 'low vibe' and to be transcended which is just another message of suppression delivered through our patriarchal dominant culture. And it makes sense when we start to understand the sacred and vital life giving power of both these forces.

Humanity over the last few decades has been travelling through a strong period of unshaming sexuality. Which means we are still in infancy stage of how we relate to both sex and anger. But the invitation has come towards maturity.

Ask: How do you react/respond when either frequencies stir in the system? Do you feel you can contain it? If not, what happens next?

We have to consciously work through the instincts to defuse, deflect or dump this energy. As we start to consciously sip, savour and work with it we will become so much more aware of the rich pulsing, goddess giving passionate elixir that both our sex and anger can be.

This is the stuff of magic and spells, our bodies are the vehicles and our hearts the guardians.

Sex and Anger are magical and richly life giving when worked with consciously. Both require diligent sacred practice to harness, embody, integrate and align.

Its challenging scary work, sometimes we don't feel we can contain the force, sometimes it hijacks us and leads to bad behaviour. And yet beyond that it's a deeply sacred initiation and as women we are so blessed with body portals to guide our unfolding.

Trust your emotions, they are potent pathways to lost wisdom.

Above are a few slides from the Sacred Rage, Fierce Love workshop in May that break down some of the basics (click the arrows to slide through all three images).

In love and devotion to the relentless fire of our female hearts Naseem x

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