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Breast Massage

Updated: May 15, 2020

One of the first practices I learnt when I stepped onto the path of tantra and awakening as woman, was breast massage. And still continues to be a daily practice until today. Back then I had no particular relationship with my breasts. Other than squeezing them into my yoga bra, I was barely aware of their existence. They were there, they were ok, men liked them, just another part of my body... But the idea of touching them, and connecting to them was certainly foreign, not to mention weird!

I knew I had a journey ahead of me in loving and appreciating my body so what better place to start then with my breasts. As soon as I began, I discovered a great deal of low self esteem around how I looked, judgement, feeling different etc. Somehow the lack of love and appreciation for my breasts mirrored the disconnection from them, that I had only just discovered existed. A second revelation came - as long as I had no idea how I liked to be touched, and how magnificent my breasts are, then how could a partner know?! I began to discover that my sexual awakening and appreciation of my body's cosmic wisdom and beauty was my responsibility to uncover and get to know. And here began, with small steps, my journey home towards the discovery of sovereignty as woman. The connection to the healing of the heart, and expansion of sexual energy was undeniable. Each gentle stroke opening the gates to an unending depth of softness, sensuality, vitality, pleasure and relaxation. Both sexuality and sensuality began to profoundly awaken within me, on a physical and energetic level. Not to mention a tender opening into vulnerability that allowed me to access old and buried wounds. My whole body was experiencing more pleasure and healing than ever before. Over time I learnt a vast number of breast massage practices, each one offering a range of benefits; some energising, some relaxing, some arousing and all of them very healing. My sense, like with most embodied work, is to allow the practice to be intuitive. What is the body, heart, soul longing for in this moment? Most days my practice is simple - a short and gentle circular massage with my favourite oil concoction... But today, pre-bleed, my breasts tender and swollen, more was needed. More time, more tenderness, more presence, more kindness. Sisters, what is your relationship with your breasts? How are you nourishing them? What is the relationship between your heart and your sexuality?

If you are looking to start a breast massage practice, my advice is to drop any techniques and just EXPLORE... Warm up your favourite oil, put some music on, relax and let your hands move, as your mind grows quiet... What kind of touch feels good? Light? Squeezing? More pressure? Which part is longing for more touch? Listen deeply and let your hands respond. The more intuitive the practice the more embodied the experience is and thus the more heart connection and love flowing...

Oh and by the way this practice works beautifully as an offering for our partners too (men absolutely included!) Try offering your partner a chest/breast massage before/during love making and see what happens... And of course ask your partner to reciprocate at some point (if you haven't already).

In my experience on men it works wonders in opening their heart, allowing their loving presence to unfold and supporting them in spreading sexual energy from the genitals throughout the whole body.

Sending you love for this exploration, enjoy!

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