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What if we were to allow our Loneliness…

What if we could stop projecting others for a moment, catch our neediness, unravel our control mechanisms, slow down the subtle manipulation, notice our pull to retract and disconnect, release ourselves from the pity party, drop the ideas of how things should look and finally see the variety of constructs by which we have unconsciously learned to give and receive love…

What if our friends unworthiness and shame have another friend to introduce us to?

What if we were to just fall back into ourselves for a moment, relax deeply into our bodies, sink beneath these illusory pathways to love, and the narrative that we are not worthy… And BREATHE….

Breathe deep into that which terrifies us, that which feels like it will kill us, that which will destroy everything that upholds and justifies us as we are right now.

What if we allowed our hearts to sink, our bellies to swell and our tears to roll…

What if we were to allow ourselves to touch that deep well of loneliness that lies directly underneath all our misunderstood instincts to feel and express love. What if we stayed there for a moment, maybe 2? And melted into the deep, dark exiled core of our own heart. Stood naked in that which longs to be welcomed, to receive our presence, to be Loved.

What if we were to meet that which lies at the root of our suffering; The Deepest Pain of Separation. What if we allowed the omniscient memory that love has not yet touched every ounce of our being and reached every corner of the Earth, to be remembered. That at our human core we are still separate from the true reality of Being. Separate from Love. Separate from Life. Separate from the Earth.

What if we don’t reach out or pull away even a fraction from this alchemical moment, knowing we will miss it by a thread if we do. But instead rest with it silently. Allow ourselves to be broken wide open. Meeting a grief so deep and ancient that it’s expression is almost poetic. Mythical. Mystical. Yet deeply Real.

What if we were to allow this Home Coming. And stand as consciousness with open arms to embrace all that has been rejected within us. At long last.

What if we then catch a glimpse of the paradoxical nature of our loneliness. That within the pain is the emerging of our deepest Longing. An insatiable force that erupts within our very cells. Devouring us. Flowing as an unquenchable thirst for unity, harmony, sacred union, For God. Within the very flesh and bones of our Being.

What if this longing is the gold nectar that emerges from a heart cracked wide open. The very power and force that continues to call us home over and over and over and over again.

The Return to Love. The sweetest most sacred meeting of Lover and Beloved melting into wholeness.

What if our relationships begin to change? What if we begin to feel more spacious in our own being and around others? What if those needy controlling habits somehow vanish? What if Freedom, Joy and Wholeness are not just new aged spiritual lingo but a physical reality in our human bodies?

What if we were to rest in our loneliness Just for a moment…and breathe…

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