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The Medicine of Intimacy & Aloneness

These past 2 months of isolation have been such a learning curve on many fronts. But one learning that stands out strongly for me is how a stable balance of time for conscious togetherness in accompaniment to self-holding and time alone can offer a deeply loving, efficient and powerful container for moving through the current wild waves.


As always we take things for granted until they are taken from us. We often use intimacy as a way to avoid being deeply alone with ourselves or hide from the world to avoid intimacy (being deeply seen in our naked realness). Both these patterns hold very intricate and tender stories for each of us to journey through. Right now if we live alone; to be together with others is really a choice we get to make not a given. And if we live with others we get to see pretty up front how and when we honour our need for alone time.


For me, more time alone has been so enjoyable. I love my cave, time to digest, contemplate, relax and just be. But it has made those moments when I consciously choose to connect, talk and share become so precious and deeply touching that I'v often been moved to tears. The heart needs both to thrive it seems, and different flavours of our soul can be tasted as we move consciously between aloneness and togetherness.


My heart is so full of gratitude for the precious moments of real togetherness I've experienced in this time. Each sweet human I've had the blessing of being with whether online or in person, has brought a gift of some kind that has nourished me on such a deep level. It has genuinely felt like medicine.


When deeply rooted in ourselves, we are infinitely more powerful together. This is what our world needs right now.

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