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Summer Solstice Florescence

'Florescence essentially refers to the process of bursting into flower. What the Higher Self represents - your ultimate flowering.

The power of Solstice is the power of Florescence - when all of nature is reaching its zenith.

Florescence cannot be chased, hurried or enforced.

It is a state that occurs to humans sporadically - meaning that no one can predict if or when it will occur to a particular person.

One thing alone is certain - we humans recognise it when it occurs in another. A person in whom consciousness is spontaneously flowering is a person surrounded by magic, by light and by a tangible magnetic mystery.

At the zenith of human magnetism, Florescence manifests like a supernova through the human aura, and once it has begun, it keeps expanding and expanding into deeper and deeper dimensions.

When a person becomes truly natural and comfortable with who they are, when they become truly accepting of theirs and others' lives, they are close to flowering, Florescence is experienced when awareness finally comes to rest because only when awareness stops seeking itself can it truly rest.

When it does come to rest, consciousness - which was within it all along - finally shines through.

No amount of tinkering with awareness can reveal the truth, no technique or system can ensure enlightenment. Awareness has to come to rest of its own accord - a great and wondrous mystery.

Ultimately, Florescence depends on nothing.

It cannot be created - not by meditation, not by good karma, not by any form of effort, not even by effortlessness.

Florescence is Grace.

It occurs whenever and wherever it feels like occurring!

If you look at nature, which is the root of the word floresence, you will see that nature produces many buds on many different plants, but that all plants flower at unique times. The buds on each particular plant open collectively, in a great rush of dynamic energy.

In human beings, enlightenment operates in the same way, through different time periods and epochs.

Enlightenment never occurs to just a single person, but successively jumps across generations during a certain time period.

It is a phenomenon that once ignited will play itself out through many different fractal flowerings in many different kinds of human lives.

Florescence follows nature's own wild, organic rhythms, which demand an attitude of trust, surrender and childish delight.

When you come into perfect harmony with the Schumann Resonance time itself will stop within your being.

In the words of Christ, it is when we mystically "inherit the earth."

All of life is now seen as philanthropic, constantly giving its own essence back into the whole.

As this awakening moves through humanity and nature, we will experience powerful, subtle Earth changes as our primary magnetic grids are recalibrated to a higher frequency, aligning us with a higher evolution.

The Earth itself contains subtle kingdoms of a far higher frequency than humanity - and these 'devic' kingdoms are also preparing to take a leap in consciousness by merging with human consciousness.

The greatest Florescence will occur when hidden higher forces latent within the Earth itself rise to the surface and absorb human consciousness. Such myths testify to the genetic change that is sweeping through al DNA on our planet.

In a nutshell, Florescence is the explosive chain reaction of enlightenment of all forms to the true nature of consciousness. It is stamped into the destiny of every living creature, and it is coming to humanity.'

~ Florescence, 15th Siddhi The Gene Keys


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