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Navigating Discomfort

"Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life" - Susan David

We are in a time of great unrest and so much is rising to the surface to be seen, understood and felt within our human state. This week has shaken to the surface so much discomfort and I would like to speak to the possibility of resting inside all that is stirring for each of us.

For those of you that know me, when the world rocks and collective pain opens up, I need to go in, to get quiet, to allow honesty with my inner experience to guide me towards clarity and action. I'm present but just more silently for a while.

There has been a great deal to navigate through, grief, anger, rage, dissociation, hopelessness, ignorance, guilt, shame and yet amongst all of this I have been blown away by the potent conversations I have been having with dear ones on this very tender, complex and triggering topic of discrimination, race and privilege.

I am so grateful to everyone for honouring what they feel to do right now, whether that be speak up, share, communicate, listen, ask questions, stay silent, research, study, donate, protest, get angry, cry, feel confused, and even not know what to do. Every single response is a response and that's a healthy step in itself towards something new.

We are being called towards healing that which our ancestors never could and that is a great invitation that will take time. To know that you are doing your best is key to staying afloat in this. There are no mistakes. Every step, small or big, makes a difference, and there is a lot of shadow within this to gradually become aware of - so let us all create space for that too.

I am aware of my privilege position, I am also aware of my own journey with racial discrimination yet I do not wish to create more division and discrimination by asserting any right action. Every action is welcome right now. Including no action.

Today I am recognising the value of standing in the DISCOMFORT within me and all that this is bringing up. Yes unity and togetherness is our truth, but we cannot manifest this as reality without first holding space for the uncomfortable realness of division, separation and discrimination. That fine line between disassociating and action that calls for great honesty with the dark and divided terrain within myself and my world. I wont always know what to do, or what to say but I'm committed to staying open, to learning, listening, feeling, growing, moving through my own ignorance and doing my best to wake up to the reality that is now.

I am so truly grateful for all of you out there sharing your self and your voice in whatever way you feel too. I want to hear you. And I'm grateful for how this moves you to tend to yourself and the world around you. We are all doing our best. Let us move with joy and honesty.

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