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In Times Of Darkness


Utterly privileged and honoured to stand by so many brave and radical hearts during this immensely tender, potent and vulnerable time.

I have no idea where we are going but I know we can no longer keep our gaze away from what is dark, broken, and unbearable...

That which has been hidden and suppressed seems to be consistently rising to the surface. Let's stop looking away now.

I am coming up for a moment of air and just wanted to offer some words of support...(Writing this here for myself to for when the storm kicks off again!)

Friends if you are having a face off with the Dark, know that it is just time.

* You are fucking ready.

* Nothing is wrong, you are not broken. Its just time for your eyes to adjust to see what was unrecognisable before. To feel beneath the glittering veil of diception, corruption, and discrimination.

* Trust your body, it is wise and capable beyond belief.

* Talk to loved ones, reach out for support from those that inspire you.

* Check on and support others too. Now is the time to create a healthy balance between aloneness and togetherness.

* Take breaks, breathe, laugh, or do something that makes you laugh.

* Salt water baths to support integration

* Easy to digest nourishing foods

* Drink lots of water (I'm on a lot of coconut water these days)

* Nature Nature Nature

* And don't be afraid to go back in again. Let yourself be swallowed back through to source. Your tears are a golden gift to a world that longs to be watered by your love.

* Allow your being to gently and kindly discover it's True Nature beyond the veils of separation.

* You will not break.

You are a brave beacon of immense light beloved one. Grateful to ride this storm by your side.

I love you

"We need more wayshowers, who have penetrated the fog of their own uncertainty to find something truthful. Something human and tragic and beautifully lost, something small but utterly true. Like cupping your hands around a tiny flame, if you can protect the young embers from the harsh winds of your dismissal, it may become a real heartfire. That fire then becomes a beacon for others to sail towards. Not to imitate it, but to emulate its quality of bravery, which has been left like a vibratory signature on the thing you’ve made."

~ Toko-pa Turner

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