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How are you prioritising Pleasure?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Lately I've been speaking a lot about pleasure and having some beautiful conversations on this rich topic too. For some time now, consciously choosing pleasure has been a much needed daily practice of mine. Coming from a diligent spiritual background of long arduous practice and non-dual teachings showed me that the belief of all things pleasure associated being "a distraction, forbidden, unproductive" or even "bad, as it keeps us stuck in the realm of duality" was deeply ingrained in my ancestral past. Carrying this old belief certainly served its purpose during the early days of my journey; cultivating dedication, discipline, working hard and unlocking the deep longing for that which lies beyond form, (which had been present since my childhood). But all the while the tantric path kept knocking and finding me, the synchronicity and recognition felt older than time, and after a short while there was no more option to ignore Her call and intoxicating scent.

As the slow feminine ways reeled me in I began to unravel, one by one, many of these age old patriarchal beliefs from my bones (ladies you know what I'm talking about).

I know many of us in these strong times are encountering a similar deconstruction of old beliefs, and its been so beautiful to witness many clients and friends embracing the transmission of pleasure too as a support in the unravelling. This wisdom and a desire to normalise our need for joy and pleasure is exactly why I began to introduce #pleasurepauses and created the Summer Pleasure Package. -- Click here to enjoy an embodied transmission on awakening the pulse of pleasure with a guided meditation-sound journey: Sensual Touch, Body Bliss.

As the feminine reality begins to reclaim our hearts we very quickly start seeing how much we've been living in quite the opposite way to what feels nourishing, joyful and pleasurable. We see that pleasure is not just something that is limited to our sex organs, but a full body experience that allows a stable ground of vibrancy, aliveness and radiance to pulse through into our lives, our choices, our relationships and beyond.

This is the current of sexual energy. Feminine life force. Shakti. And our health and well being quite literally depends on it!

(Wouldn't it be interesting if researchers explored how rest, nourishment, pleasure and joy could impact our health in these turbulent times?!)

Personally I feel for those of us walking the conscious path, it is becoming imperative to root our lives in greater pleasure and joy in order to sustain our nervous systems through the amount of transformation and change that lies ahead in these strong times.

It is quite literally the soul nourishment we need to sustain as we grow. Just like breast milk is to a baby, pleasure is nectar to our souls.

As our bodies attune to the nourishing vibration of pleasure, a road map begins to open up, the body begins to speak ancient-future wisdom that only we can hear. This unique language spoken through sensation is the language of healing. Of transformation. Of our souls rebirth. And it is our job to become fluent.

Overtime and as this reality becomes more ingrained and integrated, my understanding of its importance and necessity in these transformational times continues to grow.

Ultimately we were brought into a beautiful world, through the beauty of creation and power of love.

And to honour and allow pleasure is to recognise the beauty of the divine in manifest form. The result and honouring of the naked innocence and gracefullness of humanity. It is the bridging of two worlds; spirit and matter, into joyful ecstatic harmony. Birthing beauty over and over again.

Beauty is our birthright, and as we take the journey of re-remembering this forgotten truth, pleasure is both the by-product and our greatest ally to trust in that which we are becoming.

Rooting in pleasure and allowing it to nourish us invites the deconstruction of what we have been to unfold with more ease, more acceptance and greater accuracy.

So let us all hear the invitation to explore our intimate relationship to pleasure, there is no wrong or right, just our own way. Listen to your body, listen to your needs, and follow that subtle joyful pulse, as it is calls you home.

Pleasure is a feminine superpower, a practice of surrender, trusting yourself enough to follow what you enjoy.

It will nourish you, Restore you, Heal you, Bring you into the moment and realign you with what you love.

Pleasure is celebration. The divine alchemy within our body that celebrates, honours and thrives on the beauty of the universe as it pulses and bursts into living form.

May we dedicate our lives to celebrate the beauty that brought us into being!

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