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I felt to share what is moving in my heart the last 24 hours...

After a few weeks of hearing so much sad news from my family and loved ones; so many people in my family's community hospitalised and dying from covid, a guy I knew at uni passing away, a friend's dad and another woman I distantly know passing away from cancer, also hearing that in the UK covid infections are higher in ethnic minority and black communities (is this really true?!) the sadness of these times hit me once again...

Most days I am feeling so in-tune with the higher vibrations coming through at this strong time on our planet, feeling the strong pull into service to support and reflect what's on its way however I can, but today is different. And when the tenderness comes calling it just doesn't serve to cover it in roses and dismiss it...

The fragility of these times feels so palpable. Death and dying is an intrinsic and necessary part of nature's cosmic cycle and within the shedding comes the hearts meeting with loss. The grief. The sadness. All incredble doorways to freedom but nonetheless heartbreaking 💔

Our planet seems to be in a process of great shedding. On all levels. It feels to me like a karmic cleanse to face the reality of how we've treated our homes (both body and planet), our people and our animals.

Today I'm allowing the consequences of the past to move through my body. The sad reality of the collective human state to be met and felt. And staying present to the sadness and grief so many are experiencing.

As Imbolc approaches this full moon came to illuminate what's still lying in the shadows to be seen, felt and honoured, creating the space for what spring wants to bring forth.

I share this because I know I am not alone in feeling this. So many women are moving through strong waves of emotion of all kinds, often not knowing where these emotions come from or who they belong to.

I share this because our collective togetherness in circle whether it be to celebrate, to grieve, to sing, to play is so so precious.

I share this because OUR VULNERABILITY MATTERS. It is the feminine lifeblood of awakening that puts us in touch with the incredible beauty of what it means to be human and embodied.

I am here to listen. Always. We are here to listen to one another. This space will always welcome your tenderness, your vulnerability. You are never too much.

Honouring with prayers and quietude all that is passing and moving on for all of us.

With love always ♥️

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