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Beltane Portal 2021

As the Beltane portal opens up and we simultaneously ride through these post-Scorpio moon underworld waves, iv been curiously tuning into what themes this particular seasonal juncture is offering us this year and wanted to share with you what came through.

Beltane is a potent fire festival symbolising the height of spring, a time of ripening, fertility, passion, sensuality and union. And right now we find ourselves deep in the shadowlands as Pluto begins his 6-month retrograde turn. Pluto is the planet connected to the sign Scorpio and one of the furthest planets away, and thus perfectly symbolises its teachings through its distance. Pluto calls us towards the most hidden and exiled layers of our shadow. Those secret far-out places we've yet to lay our eyes on yet hold the keys to our unique ripening. Together with Scorpio, we are brought to the holy precipice of death; the fertile ground of endings and shedding from which rebirth and regrowth can sustainably occur.

Pluto is said to be at a standstill until the end of next week empowering us to root deeply in the underworld, as a means of remaining in connection to ground. Here we learn through harnessing our capacity to purge, transform, and move through what may feel heavy and intense prior to the experience of lightness and freedom that naturally follows the process of shedding.

What would you see if you took a closer look at what is causing friction in your life? Can you let your gaze sink through the discomfort, the unmet needs and allow a little more honesty with the sensations within? If you spot something unappetising can you take a bite anyway? Can anything that is a part of you truly be that distasteful? Only one way to find out...

Beltane marks the resurrection and maturation of the solar feminine in union with the divine masculine symbolised as the Beltane King and Queen. In these strong times, we are shown that union is not a climax point but an ongoing ripening of being.

When it comes to deeply understanding and living in rhythm with the cyclical nature of being we realise there is no final-still-peaceful ocean to arrive at, our human mastery lies in the simplicity of learning to meet and ride the waves of life effectively and efficiently so as not to be constantly pulled under. Symbolised in the maturation from maidenhood to womanhood.

And this year's invitation towards Union lies in the ongoing restoration of what has been kept in exile for so long, and brought home to the burning hearth of our hearts.

We may forget that Scorpio is not only intensity and death but also passion, sensuality and deep sexuality. (My moon sign by the way!)

The shadowlands are an initiation into homecoming, remembering and redemption of what was lost, feared, unloved and abandoned. To let the dark be lit by the light of our love is what nature consistently encourages. A meeting of masculine and feminine, light and dark, yin and yang and the ongoing dissolution of the limitations around good and bad.

As we embrace the shadowlands with growing acceptance we allow the natural initiations into creative power and passion to emerge from the depths of Her; cleansed, renewed, with all of creation included. Grounded, rooted and deeply alive, we become trustworthy vessels for the passionate fires of Beltane to pour through these biological space suits. This to me feels like true expansion and transcendence from ground level, rooted in the inclusion of all flavours and shades of our living life.

In this tender fertile meeting we are crowned, reclaimed, and celebrated. Freed of doubt, judgement and insecurity. Passion is waiting to burst through our wholeness in the wildest of ways. And this passion is in fact the power that fuels our love and care into the world.

The morning of May 5th marks the precise solar gateway and midpoint between Equinox and Solstice. May 1st is the gregorian calendar date but this day marks the exact portal opening. So along with the archetypal and mythic symbolism of Beltane we will then welcome the energetic portal wide open to support us in this shift.

Pay attention to how you feel this day, you may notice a shift or difference in your energy and how you are able to move. Pay attention for an increase in the transmuting fire energy.

Were going to feel the impact of this portal increasing over the first half of May.

This day is also the 5th day of the 5th month 2021 which unlocks the numerology of 555.

2021 is all about 5 in numerology which symbolises freedom, change, sensuality, kindness, adventure, pleasure and magnetism. And we get a triple dose of this energy on May 5th.

It's a great time for ritual, intention, creativity and consciously working to harness the energy available through this portal.

I'm amazed every time how life so perfectly guides when to hold ceremony around these seasonal festivals, sometimes prior to the juncture, sometimes directly on the day and sometimes after. Once again she guided me well and I look forward to meeting at the end of next week to harness the upsurge of the Beltane energy. I'm so excited about this one: a passionate meeting of sacred rebels for Sacred Rage & Fierce Love ~ Beltane Ceremony.

Come and join us if you feel the call! It would be a joy to have you with us.

Early Bird offer runs until Friday 30 April @ midnight.

For now, journey well, let's get our body's into nature, breathe deep and trust what is being stripped away. The load is lightening for a reason, clearing the way for life's beauty to soar through our bones as she sounds the midsummer wedding bells in hope for whatever sweet delights lay ahead.

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