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Autumn Equinox 2021 ~ Harvesting Seeds of New Earth

As one season flows into the next, the waves of reconfiguration and change lead us through yet another potent turning point of this year.

The Equinox window officially opened early Tuesday morning (CEST) right after a deep and watery Pisces Full Moon.

We are in a strong transition this week post yet another potent lunation and now journeying through the Equinox portal which takes us to the end of the week.

This Equinox is inviting us into a period of rounding off an epic year of change and transition.

2021 has brought forth a tremendous acceleration of growth and awakening within the collective field. A year of fiercely preparing the ground for the promise of New Earth yet to come. Even though the destination is unknown, we can smell the unfurling of humanity deep down in our bones.

Equinox and Harvest season holds within this portal the seeds of all future harvests. Whatever we are choosing for ourselves in this moment has the potential to impact the years to come and broader view of our lives both individually and collectively.

Now is the time to be brave, to trust our longings and inner guidance, to take that leap, to allow faith to shatter doubt; for the benefit of this upcoming season but also all the cycles yet to come.

The step we take now has a ripple effect into the future.

Now is the final push through the birth canal of this wild time.

A time of deep listening, clearing, aligning, stepping closer to the edge of who we no longer are or need to be.

A blank page awaits our quill.

Take good care of you.

Trust in what is falling away and decomposing

Our bodies are being reprogrammed for the future

Let your emotions have all the space they need

Indulge in sleep magic

Hug your favourite tree

Your soul is being called inwards, give it refuge to unfurl.

Endings. Beginnings.

It's all one big spiral of change right now.

Your change is everyone's change.

Your self-care = care for all

Come and join me for our annual Equinox gathering Friday 24 September, a chance to let the stirrings of your soul have space to unravel, receive support and be gently ushered into this next chapter of life, alongside other soul sisters.

Gentle waves and much love


What legacy is held within your personal harvest this year?

How is the change manifesting in your life forming a pathway for the future?

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