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Samhain Ceremony

Dancing through Death's Door

Saturday 26 October

12 - 7pm 

Samhain, also known as the Celtic New Year, is the midway point between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. This particular juncture in nature's Wheel acts as a Gateway between the point where Life reaches its final breath and the empty, vast, black void that awaits our arrival. A liminal space, similar to the womb, where spirit steps in and out of matter, and the exhalation of winter sounds her silent yet thunderous call.

In harnessing the the wisdom of Samhain we are initiated directly into unknown and unseen realms of Ancient:Future, where Death is recognised as the very seed of life and all creation. The willingness and courage required to enter this sacred passageway, without attempting to fix or change what is inherently dying in this moment, increases, and surrender becomes an unavoidable sweet release into Being.

As we begin to hear the invitation of the dark world, spiralling out of the depths, slow and daunting in Her call, we are reminded not to take short cuts through the chaos and that rebirth is not possible without embodied engagement in the process of death and dissolution - a noble pathway of immense creativity and freedom.

Right here, we are lovingly held within the hollow womb chrysalis of Life. Where the body cells take their time to reassemble into new form during the dark months, and the raw materials of resurrection are woven into being by Her, the Great Weaver.


During the retreat day we will be initiated into the wisdom of Samhain and explore our own relationship to allowing Death in every moment. We will do this through delving into the 6 Gates of Grief which offers a practical invitation for us to connect to our own intimate process of silently surrendering through pain and discomfort. Grief is at the heart of our homecoming journey. If we deny the tears, we deny the flourishing and full birthing of our wild and wondrous souls. 

You will be tenderly invited to enter these sacred gates through a guided transmission, along with the support of Mama Cacao; as she lovingly steers us towards the awakening of deep womb gnosis and mystical Earth wisdom. The transmission will support you in connecting to your womb’s creative potential as well as your blocks. We will then journey into an embodied movement meditation and journaling practice to allow a deeper enquiry and unveiling. The ceremony will end with breaking fast together, sharing food and our experiences.

Mama Cacao 

Cacao as a ceremonial medicine, has the power to open up energetic pathways and tenderly reveal different layers of contraction and misunderstanding within our lives. Through her embrace we have the opportunity to look at what we discover from a new and fresh perspective; initiating a potential of great change and deep healing.

I look forward to sharing Her gentle wisdom, teachings, compassion and Her healing medicine together with you.


£60 - Early Bird (if booked by 30 September)

£65  - Full Exchange (1 October onwards)

Booking is confirmed on receipt of payment and is made payable either via bank transfer or through the website booking system to the right of this page.

Miss N Khakoo
Acc no: 03428675
Sort code: 07 02 46

Contact Naseem to confirm your booking or if you are attending from outside the UK. 

Retreat spaces are limited (to support the intimacy of the ceremony) and non-refundable.

The venue is a cosy warm space, 5 minutes drive from Milton Keynes Train Station.

For a deeper understanding of the work offered and potential of this gathering's exploration please read Awakening As Woman.

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