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Root & Rest

Weekly Winter Online Yoga & Meditation


17 - 18.30 CEST

16 - 17.30 GMT

11 - 12.30 EDT

Join Naseem for a weekly online community class to move, breathe and rest together during these darker winter days.

We will gather during the witching hour at dusk to harness the magic, mystery and stillness available to us during the days leading up to the end of the year. A chance for body, mind, heart and spirit to unite with natures intention for us at this time of the year through slow, restful and intentional breath-filled movement. 

The practice focuses on breathing our way back into an embodied state of being, incorporating slow and gentle hatha, yin and restorative poses, as well as breathwork, and guided relaxation/meditation. Offering plenty of space to sink into deep, nourishing and blissful rest. An ongoing invitation to return back home, reconnect with the endless pool of wisdom, strength, and creativity, and as our listening and relaxation deepen so does our connection to the world and wisdom within. 

​Depending on what each individual may need, Naseem brings her extensive experience of Hatha flow, restorative, yin, meditation, Yoga Nidra, pranayama, and deep relaxation together and crafts the perfect practice to soothe the mind, melt into the body and restore balance, harmony, and restfulness. 


The practice can be profoundly healing in opening up pathways for the mind, body, and soul to experience deep rest and relaxation; soothing an over-exerted nervous system, opening a tender heart and gifting the body and mind a chance to drop and turn deeply inwards.

In these times of great uncertainty and change, it is natural that more support and connection is needed to root and relax within the upheaval. Welcome to join us in this compassionate container and invite friends and family too. 

All are welcome! Men, women, beginners and experienced practitioners. 

To check the time of the event in your time zone, click here.

What you will need

  • Good internet connection

  • Fully charged laptop/iPad (or phone if neither of these is possible) which has a microphone, camera and speaker to fully benefit from the experience.

  • Good speaker with volume options, to improve/adjust the sound experience when being gently guided or when music is played. 

  • As many cosy items as you can find! Here are some suggestions but welcome to get creative:

  • Yoga mat

  • Blankets (ideally x3)

  • Skins/rugs

  • Cushions

  • Bolsters to allow for a more restorative practice. And if you don't have any, a couple of rolled-up bed pillows will do with a scarf tied around them to hold them in place.

  • Eye bag

  • Blocks (or you can use hardback books).

  • Some water/tea

  • Hot water bottle for extra cosiness

  • Candles, incense, oils to create a sacred space and support your practice

Online Space

Sessions will take place on Zoom, which is a wonderful, simple and free downloadable software. To download simply click on the link provided in the booking confirmation email. Please make sure to download Zoom well in advance of our meeting and test your mic and sound to avoid any delay or technical issues.

Everyone's microphone will be muted on arrival into the space, to allow each of us time to arrive in silence and sink into ourselves/the space. You are welcome to write to me or the group via the chatbox. I will be available a few minutes prior to support with any technical issues. And from 16.30 pm (CET) I will need to direct my focus with those already settled in the space. 

Exchange & Booking

Booking for each week is ESSENTIAL, and you are welcome to register via the links on this page.

Exchange for the class is 100 DKK / £12 but if for any reason you may be compromised financially right now there are other options of what you can pay when booking. Please pay what feels right for you and if for any reason you cannot pay at all please simply email me to let me know. All are welcome. 

(I'd love it if you could select the manual payment option upon booking so I can avoid paying PayPal fees during this time).​

Once you have registered your place a Zoom Link along with details on how to make the exchange will be emailed to you.

Please be sure to contact me should you have any injuries or ailments I need to be aware of.

Join the Facebook Event for up to date info.

Root & Rest - Online Yoga and Relaxation
Root & Rest - Online Yoga and Relaxation
30 Mar 2021, 17:00 CEST
Root & Rest - Online Yoga and Relaxation
Root & Rest - Online Yoga and Relaxation
06 Apr 2021, 17:00 CEST
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