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Reality Knows Her Lovers

She sees your broken open heart, your weary body, and your mind distraught with memories of the past. She sees the history of pain coursing through your veins, like wildfires through our Earth's forests. And yet She is the one that has empowered you to withstand the flames. She is the one that protects you from decay and turns up the heat at the same time. Listen to Her thunderous call as it spirals out from the belly of your being, burning your insides anew. Trust in the wild flames of Life. It is no mistake that She has entrusted you to feel so deeply, to be the beholder of Her Passion. Beloved one, this is Grace. You have been claimed by the blessings of Creation Herself. And in Remembering Her fragrance, she calls for nothing less than your surrender. Die into Her arms as Her heavenly scent pierces your skin leaving an everlasting trace of Her arrival. Forged on the membrane of existence changing its course forever more. Her message is clear. To feel Her loving beating pulse, death is inevitable. She is cyclical and there cannot be Life without its extinction. Her autumn leaves forever reminding you that Rebirth is simply not possible without the embodied engagement in the process of dissolution. She sees you dear one; you are tired of fighting, exhausted from trying to find a cure to fix, drowning in the pain of your longing. Trust in this dark call as you hear your name spoken upon the lips of Death. It is in Her dark hollow womb chrysalis that the seed of creation sprouts new life. Give up safety, and trading integrity for power, for lets be honest, where did it ever get you?! Let the hopelessness of it all be where you rest your head. She courts the broken hearted, let Her love weild you. Return to Her arms the innocent child you once were. Once you taste your own beauty, there is no turning back. You see Her EVERYWHERE. Give up the shame and the need to know and trust in the devastation, the discomfort and the dissolution. You've sung the song of self-abandonment long enough, let the next tune be one of Homecoming. Of Remembering what was long forgotten. You have always been worthy of such profound Love. Rest in the soil of extinction, the fires of destruction, and the deep dark waters of endless nothing; for it is only here that New Life stands a chance of emerging.

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