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Medicine Woman - Online Gathering

Birthing our Gifts, Healing the Wounded Healer

Sunday 19 April 2020

1 - 5 pm CEST

12 - 4 pm GMT

8 - 12 am EDT 

In these times of great challenge, many of us may be feeling a strong call to step up and be of service to our communities, friends and families. A longing to root in a sense of purpose and share passionately what is deeply alive in our hearts. Yet at the same time, we may be feeling a struggle in carrying this out right now. Maybe feeling a creative freeze, a profound vulnerability in being seen in public, fear around income, compared to others, not good enough, jealous, judgement, an urgency to catch up with the online game but the reality of simply not being ready and then a fear of missing out, and much more...

Healing & Awakening the 5th Gate

Ladies, there is a significant wound that is wide open for us right now. So many of the wonderful healers, teachers, facilitators, therapists, mothers, caregivers, creatives are experiencing overwhelm around sharing their gifts. And this is truly a blessing as the collective wound of unworthiness calls from the deep, those sensitive enough to feel, and invites for greater love and resolution.

This wound is directly linked to the healing of the 5th Gate - the right ovary. The healing and awakening of the wild primordial pulse of Life to propel us forward on our path with great passion, joy and boundless creativity. This passion knows no limits and holds the power to transform not only ourselves but the world around us. 

This has been a key area of in-depth exploration for Naseem and essential to awaken in our journey towards feminine wholeness. There is great wisdom and reason to why so many are feeling this right now and it is directly linked to bringing forth the endless pool of creativity, medicine and passion born through the unfolding of womb wisdom within us all.

What to Expect

This gathering offers a compassionate container for us to initiate deeper into healing the 5th Gate. A chance to also share, meditate, move, receive support, keys and guidance around this topic. Taking place after the Easter Weekend - a powerful time of rebirthing for our collective.

There is a healer and wise woman in us all, the world is strongly calling her forward right now.

Trust in your medicine ladies. Your gifts are needed here and your own healing truly matters.

To check the time of the event in your time zone, click here.

Exchange & Booking

Exchange for this event is offered through a policy of honesty and donation. For those able to donate in exchange for the event please see suggested donation amount below. For those currently without income please feel free to register and join for free. I kindly ask that where possible you use the 'Manual' Payment option instead of PayPal, to support me in paying fewer fees during this time of financial uncertainty. 

Once booking and exchange has been made, full details of the event including Zoom link will be emailed to you. 

Suggested Donations:

Normal Wage: £30 / 260 DKK

Medium Wage: £22 / 190 DKK

Low Wage: £15 / 130 DKK

No Income: Free

Click here to register and book your place.

Booking closes Saturday 18 April @ 12pm CEST.

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