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Living Lineage ~ Samhain Online Retreat

Healing and Awakening the Gifts of our Ancestral Lineage

Saturday 31 October 2020

12 - 18 CET

11 - 17 GMT

7 - 13 EDT 

Welcome to a day immersion and introduction to Ancestral Healing.


Each of us is an expression and extension of a long line of wisdom keepers and survivors. As women, the natural ignition and connection to our womb begins to awaken the innate unity with Mother Nature and the Great Cosmic Womb (Gaia). Right here, in the fertile soil of our Earth-Body we have access to the codes and keys to awaken the wisdom and lineage of our ancestral past. A profound possibility to open to the gifts as well as the unresolved pain and patterns of our family line.

The unhealed pain within our bloodlines is nothing to fear but a blessed opportunity to shepherd and heal the trauma which could not be resolved by our ancestors. A chance to heal backwards through time, liberating all those souls who were left unresolved, unforgiven and misunderstood. This radical level of healing frees up ourselves and our future family to live out and share the gifts and craft-skills bestowed on us through our lineage, into daily life for all to benefit.

To honour the pain of the past is to hold the future of humanity as sacred. Your future.

Ancestral practice invites us into a profound journey of homecoming; restoring our sense of purpose, protection, belonging and kinship.


Samhain, also known as the Celtic New Year, is the midway point between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice and the beginning of the next cycle of creation. This final Harvest Festival offers us the perfect opportunity to dive in and gain access to the spirit realms and wisdom keepers of the past. An annual Gateway between the point where Life reaches Her final breath and the empty, vast, black void of Winter that awaits our arrival. A liminal space, similar to the womb, where spirit steps in and out of matter, and the exhalation of winter sounds her silent yet thunderous call. At this point the underbelly of the Dark Feminine begins to open her wide and tender embrace, ready to swallow us back towards source - the empty space from which all of creation arises. Samhain offers us the perfect moment to dig deep into the roots of our fertile past and uncover the potential of our individual blossoming.

Developing right relationship with the darkness as a sacred counterpart and companion of the light is a necessary step in exploring and gaining access to the unseen, unconscious and hidden realms of reality.

We are as ancient as the Earth and hold equal potential to transmute and evolve along with the seasons.

What to Expect

This retreat day offers us the chance to dive in together and be initiated, supported, inspired and guided in the potential of our own ancestral healing.

The afternoon will offer a combination of guided meditation, visualisation, deep enquiry, embodied exploration, storytelling, group practice and intimate sharing.

We will explore who our ancestors are and investigate into the patterns and common themes of ancestral pain and how they show up in our individual lives, such as illness, family crisis, separation, loss of a parent, mental health, conflict, abuse, addiction, survival.

In addition and upon booking, you will also be sent support on how to prepare for and get the most benefit from the retreat experience - journaling prompts, personal exploration, guided enquiry, as well as self-care suggestions and ritual and retreat preparation. 

The afternoon will be split into two parts, with a break in the middle. 

To check the time of the event in your time zone, click here.

Exchange & Booking

£39 / 330 DKK - Early Bird if booked by Friday 23 October

£45 / 370 DKK - 24 October onwards

Once booking and exchange have been made, full details of the event, retreat preparation and support, including Zoom link will be emailed to you. 

* Bookings are non-refundable. 

Click here to register and book your place.

Booking closes Thursday 29 October @ midnight CET.

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