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Lammas Ceremony
Celebrating The Spirit of Abundance

Sunday 1 August 2021
11 - 13 CEST
10 - 12 GMT

"Nature is always calling us into greater gestures of bravery. And as we accept those invitations to our personal edge, we lose the ability to shrink into falseness." ~ Tokopa

After a lively summer adjusting to new conditions, we reach the seasonal juncture and the first of 3 harvest festivals known as Lammas or Lughnasadh (a Celtic Festival and cross quarter-point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox).

At this point in the Wheel of the Year, nature is reflecting back the spirit of abundance and joyful celebration as Life reaches Her full peak. We are at a point of ripening; harvesting the jewels we have been nurturing into maturation since the springtime. And within the full ripeness of this harvest lies at its heart the seed of all future harvest - the true spirit of abundance that has no end. Lammas at its core shares with us a great truth - that life consists of endless beginnings and no endings. 

Lammas Seasonal Reflections

As we bathe in the beauty and bounty of summertime, and transition from the solar peak of Solstice towards the more mellow soft days of late summer, we are offered a perfect moment to gather, digest and metabolise all the fruits of this past year. Lammas invites us to turn in and take stock, protecting and nurturing that which we have planted/initiated earlier in the year, taking a moment to celebrate and enjoy our own harvest. 

What is currently ripening in your life? What are you harvesting from this past cycle? What medicine are you alchemising in your life, work, relationships, inner landscape? Can you recognise and celebrate how much you've grown and matured in this last cycle?

This festival also honours the celebration of our gifts and creations (the Celtic God Lugh being the Master of Crafts). A perfect moment to sit back, give thanks and enjoy a quiet moment of celebration for walking through the fire of 2021 with fruits to bear and share!

Harvest Season

The Harvest Season is the culmination of the 8-Fold Year, stretching over three months including Autumn Equinox and the final festival of Samhain and the beginning of nature's next cycle (Celtic New Year). Do you remember the intentions you set last Samhain? How have they come to fruition? We have plenty of time to digest, integrate and metabolise the fruits, lessons, learnings and losses of this past cycle before Autumn approaches. The perfect time to allow the wisdom of your body to attune to the natural world around you and enjoy, reflect, celebrate and gather your medicine.

Join Us

Join Naseem and a group of dear sisters for an afternoon immersion, embracing cyclical wisdom, uniting Earth and Body and tenderly birthing beauty through an embodied engagement in surrendering to our feminine essence. A noble and sacred passageway of immense creativity, awakening an intrinsic connection in our souls to the natural rhythms of Life. 

This compassionate space offers a chance to come together, receive support, share and connect encouraging the ongoing birthing of our sweet souls. 

The air is ripe for growth and change, consciousness is fiercely awakening in the collective field, and as women, we stand before a great opportunity for deeper healing, awakening and transformation.

To check the time of the event in your time zone, click here.

Exchange & Booking

£16 / 140 DKK 

​To register your place click on the event link to the right of this page.​ Once you have registered your place; details on how to pay the exchange will be emailed to you (I'd love it if you could select the manual payment option upon booking so I can avoid paying PayPal fees during this time - thank you!).​

And if for any reason you are experiencing financial hardship and would like to join please feel free to get in touch. 


Click here to register and book your place.


Booking closes Saturday 31 July @ 12 pm CET.

Once booking and exchange have been made, full details of the event including preparation and Zoom link will be emailed to you.

* Bookings are non-refundable. 

Sensual Summer Pleasure Package
Sensual Summer Pleasure Package
Listen, Move, Pray, Explore
Enjoy at your own pace
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