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Imbolc Ceremony Online
Holy Ash, Sacred Seed - 2.2.2022 

Wednesday 2 February 2022
19 GMT
20 CET
14 EST

2.2.2022 - a magical and auspicious portal is approaching, can you feel it? The number 2 holds the symbolism of cooperation, harmony, balance, receptivity and service.

You are invited to join a tribe of Awakening Women, united in love and committed to healing, as we travel through this auspicious portal together, perfectly coinciding with Imbolc.

As we move through this pivotal time on Earth, and closer to what feels like a new beginning (after a slow January and start to the year), the endings and beginnings are merging into one continuous stream of life as so much is constantly changing to give way for what is to come. A sense of dying at the dawn of a new era, breaking and birthing, culmination and inception alchemising in a singular timeline. 

And after a long winter descent, and a bumpy end to the last year, we reach the seasonal juncture known as Imbolc (a Celtic Festival and midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox). This time of year offers a transitional passageway between the restful, introspective Winter underworld, and the awakening early stages of Spring, as the Earth gently begins to stir and show signs of fertility. This is a potent and magical time as the subtle stirrings of creative energy begin to awaken within us and around us. A time to begin considering the possible birthing of that which has been ruminating inside of us during the dark months, into a manifested form.​

After a long winter carving out sacred space through rest and introspection, we welcome with reverence the power of She into motion. There is a wild pressure building, an ignition of Feminine Power that initiates us becoming stable containers for the wild force of creation which passionately longs to flow through us.

The archetypal energy of this juncture is connected to the 6th Womb Gate - The Upper Womb Gate connected to the element of Air. Here you encounter the feeling of being in the world but not of it. Plugged in directly to source, greater realms of freedom begin to open up within you as radical new wisdom awakens within your soul. 

What to Expect

Join Naseem for 2 hours of gestating in deep rest and intention setting, harnessing the wisdom of Imbolc and the awakening life force, as we listen deeply to the whispers of our soul and to that which longs to be birthed through us in the Spring.

You will be guided through a practice of devotional surrender into connection with the cosmic landscape of your body, heart and womb, inviting a natural opening towards the well of wisdom within. You will be offered essential oil recommendations to assist this gentle awakening, space for sharing and digestion, sweet and tender soundscapes, as well as the chance to join together for an Imbolc Ritual to harness the potency of this time.  

You will be welcomed into this safe container where the precious pearls of  Sisterhood and the medicine of togetherness can unfold. This compassionate space offers a chance to come together, receive support, share and connect through guided meditation, ritual, music and female-orientated practices to encourage the ongoing birthing of our sweet souls. 

In this time of great uncertainty and change, it is essential we find safe spaces to thrive in support and connection to root, relax and rise within the upheaval. It is also a potent time to harness the potentiality of what is happening at this moment in our lives, both individually and collectively. The air is ripe for growth and change, consciousness is fiercely awakening in the collective field, and as women, we stand before a great opportunity for deeper healing, awakening and transformation.

To check the time of the event in your time zone, click here.

Exchange & Booking


​To register your place click on the event link to the right of this page.​ Once you have registered your place; details on how to pay the exchange will be emailed to you (I'd love it if you could select the manual payment option upon booking so I can avoid paying PayPal fees during this time).​

Click here to register and book your place.

Booking closes Tuesday 1 February @ 12 pm GMT.

Once booking and exchange have been made, full details of the event including preparation and Zoom link will be emailed to you.

* Bookings are non-refundable. 

Imbolc Ceremony 2022 ~ Holy Ash, Sacred Seed
Imbolc Ceremony 2022 ~ Holy Ash, Sacred Seed
02 Feb 2022, 19:00 GMT
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