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Honouring Creation

Cacao Ceremony & Yoni Puja

Sat 25 Feb 2017
2 - 7pm

Eastbourne House Arts, London UK

An invitation to a day of sacred ceremony and ritual; honouring the power of creation and manifestation.

February is set to be a powerful month. With 2 eclipses and Imbolc (the very beginning of spring); we have an opportunity to harness the potency of the energies around us at this transitional point, welcoming the first signs of spring and the return of the sun after a long winter.

This gathering is dedicated to honouring the tremendous power that we, as moving miracles of creation, posses. Together we will dive deeper into our commitment to Life and cultivate a greater sense of humility, vulnerability, devotion, surrender, and wonder as we co-create our intentions with Life and Creation Herself. As the veil between us and Life gets thinner, we enter a potent time where we can let the layers fall away and honour the true desires of our Hearts.

We will begin our gathering with a Ceremony working with the sacred plant medicine Cacao (ceremonial cacao prepared by Shamans). Through communing with the Cacao Deva, she gently – yet profoundly allows us to relax into her embrace, wisdom and guidance. She is gentle and tender with us – yet she has the power to uncover and heal different layers of contraction and ignorance within our beings and our lives. She can help to show us exactly where our current misunderstandings are, to look at them from a new and fresh perspective, and to invite the potential of great change and deep healing.

Following the ceremony we will intuitively work with a variety of practices to help us move through the process of healing that has opened up in our beings, and invite in our intentions for this next creative cycle. These practices will include seated meditation, sharing circles, movement meditation, sacred touch and more.

The day will end with a Yoni Puja, an ancient and sacred Tantric ritual for honouring the Divine Feminine. Yoni in Sanskrit means – Sacred Place, and Puja means – ritual. This powerful ritual has been performed for centuries as a way of devotion and surrender to the Great Mother, Divine Feminine, to Shakti – the source of creation in all her forms. Together we will sing, play music, make offerings, and honour the divinity that lies within us and all around. With this ritual we surrender our intentions into the Earth and welcome the fruits they will bare in days to come.

Although these ceremonies are both gentle and nurturing, they can have an incredibly profound and lasting affect on our personal journey and life situation. I have been working with both ceremonies for a number of years now and they continue to have profound effects on my being. I am very honoured to share these treasures with you as we step forward into a new season of life.


Booking is confirmed on receipt of payment made payable to (please email me once payment has been made so I can confirm your place and send further details):
Miss N Khakoo
Acc no: 03428675
Sort code: 07 02 46

Ceremony spaces are limited and non-refundable.

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