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Goddess of the Heart Retreat Day

Dearest Women
After a truly magical gathering of women last September, I am excited to let you know that I will be holding another Goddess Retreat Day this autumn, on the October New Moon, just in time for us to sink into the darkness of winter.

This is an invitation into the deep, soft, vulnerable, and blissful nature of our Divine Feminine Essence. Join like minded sisters for a full day immersion on the Harvest New Moon, as we explore practices that support our journey of Embodying Feminine Grace, as she calls deeply to our beating hearts and wounded wombs.

Mama Earth is facing some tough times, and as deeply receptive women, we can sense her pain and suffering as it manifests so clearly in our lives and relationships. This pain has been passed down to us through the generations and sadly, due our ego driven society, we have cleverly developed so many strategies to avoid dealing with any of this. We now face a strong and unavoidable call to Rise together as Sisters, to stand as vessels for the Power of Creation to heal the past and bring our world back into balance.
Through our willingness and surrender we can choose Love to transform our fear, uncertainty, vulnerability, and pain.

If this calls to your brave and beautiful Heart, then join us for a nourishing and deeply healing experience of discovering and cultivating sexual energy, intimate sharing, ceremony, guided meditations, guided movement/free dance, and sacred tantric and yogic practices. Lets play wildly, rest together in deep silence, open our vulnerable hearts and celebrate together our journey as Awakening Women! You will be held safely and guided simply, to allow an unfolding into our profound and fertile power as Women.

The practices that we will explore stem from a mixture of traditions, such as tantric, sufi, taoist, yogic, buddhist, modern day and will be put together in a specific way in order to facilitate a deep exploration of our innate feminine wisdom, as individuals and together as a group.

Naseem, has been a student of meditation, yoga, tantra and all things spiritual for over half of her life and has dedicated herself to living Truth and embodying Love as a living reality. A wild women at heart, Naseem feels deeply called to facilitate and support her sisters at this time of profound change as we bravely stand and follow what our hearts have been yearning for. This work is something that has been a powerful and profound part of her journey for some years now, and still continues to be. Through the grace of working with many wonderful masters on the path, Naseem has cultivated a deep sense of empowerment, intuition, natural confidence and clarity in her purpose, total openness to life’s flow as well as a willingness to meet her wounds and human pain; triggered by relationships and life’s many challenges, with total honesty. Naseem welcomes you into the cauldron of Truth to discover that beautiful fire raging in your heart!

The blessing of sisterhood is something that Naseem is deeply grateful for on this path and has been a continued support to her own personal growth. Each and every one of you gorgeous women deserves the same support!


£55 (Early Bird if booked by 26th August)
£65 (27th August onwards)

Booking is confirmed on receipt of payment made payable to (please email me once payment has been made so I can confirm your place):
Miss N Khakoo
Acc no: 03428675
Sort code: 07 02 46

Retreat spaces are limited and non-refundable.

For those of you coming from London or elsewhere, it is very easy to get to Milton Keynes train station and then a very short cab ride which will cost just a couple of pounds if you all arrive together and share.

For any drivers there is plenty of parking space at the venue.

Join the Facebook Event for up to date info!

Sat 1 Oct 2016
10.30 – 7pm

Furzton Meeting Place, Milton Keynes UK

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