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Cosmic Womb Initiation Online

Awaken the Embodied Power of Mystical Wisdom

Sunday 23 February, 1 - 6 pm (CEST)

In the comfort of your home

As we emerge from the winter cave towards Spring Equinox, join Naseem for a journey into the primordial wildness of the Cosmic Womb; through an initiation into the ancient teachings of Mary Magdalene, Ishtar and Isis and the 8 Grail Gates of the Yoni & Womb.

Your womb is a hologram of the Great Womb of Creation, an ocean of endless Love, that births and rebirths everything. Within you is a magic doorway – a multidimensional, holographic gateway where spirit steps in and out of matter. This blacklight hole is the centrepiece of our feminine sovereign seat. Along the way to the centre are 8 Sacred Gates (Clitoris, G-Spot, Cervix, Lower Womb, Left Ovary, Upper Womb, Right Ovary & finally the Cosmic Womb Centre), each holding specific empowerments and keys to awaken into our feminine form. Each gate is connected to an element and archetypal energy. The key to awakening the gifts of each gate is to journey consciously through the shadow that it reveals to you, welcoming the wisdom and healing that is sparked as you willingly unlock each temple gate.

You will be gently invited to enter these sacred gates through a guided transmission, lovingly steered towards the awakening of deep ancient womb gnosis and mystical Earth wisdom. The transmission will support you in connecting to your womb’s creative potential as well as your blocks. We will then journey into an embodied movement meditation and journaling practice to allow a deeper enquiry and unveiling.

This ceremony is for you if you feel a calling to reclaim your sacred sovereignty as Woman, to embrace your darkness, brightness and wildness with a fierce willingness to Love yourself all the way through. If you long to transmute and deeply ground your sexual energy as sexual presence, and rest into harmonic resonance with the Earth’s hum. Right here, the Earth’s magnetic pull effortlessly draws all that is good and right for you, towards you.

There is a throne of ecstasy waiting to awaken inside of you. Come with reverence and bring your deepest most intimate prayers…

As we approach spring you are strongly invited to be baptised in the infinite silent vastness of the radiant darkness, from where all life is born.

What the Ceremony Will Include

​​Within this ceremonial container, the following practices will be offered as support for deepening during the day:

• Guided Cosmic Womb Initiation Transmission 

• Womb Massage to ignite opening of Grail Gates

• Sacred Somatic Movement to sounds that support the transmission as it lands deeper into the cellular system

• Conscious sharing practices to explore and reveal what gate and shadow is currently alive for us, and how we can move towards empowerment. A handout showing the Cosmic Womb Map (Sacred Womb Cross) will be sent to you prior to the ceremony.

• Practice of prayer to root deeply and honestly in our longing

• Contemplative Self-Enquiry
• Sacred ritual, to honour the transformation that is in motion

Online Ceremony Space

​I'm happy to welcome sisters from all around the globe to join us for these gatherings.

Within the intimate online space, you will be held safely and guided deeply, offering a safe and nurturing container to be seen, heard, held, supported, celebrated and ultimately invite the intimate unfolding of your sweet being.

It's a gift to experience the strong depth of connection and transmission from being to being within the cosiness of our own homes.​

A link to the online space will be sent out to you once your booking has been confirmed. You will also be invited to join a private Facebook Support Group, where we will continue to share intimately and build connection.

And if you cannot attend in real time, then a recording of the ceremony and transmission will be sent to you by email.

To check the time of the event in your time zone, click here.


£35 – Early Bird if booked by 24 Jan 2020

£42 – 25 Jan onwards

Contact Naseem to confirm your booking or to pay via bank transfer.

For a deeper understanding of the work offered and potential of this gathering's exploration please read Awakening As Woman.

Join the Facebook Event for up to date details!

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